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[21:10] The Vancouver Art Gallery is a several-stories tall building with large windows in just about every part of the facade and tall banners advertising the latest exhibits. At the moment it seems to be an exhibition of “modern” art. It’s in a crowded part of central North Vancouver with even taller buildings on every side.
[21:10] There are quite a few cars parked out front, but the place doesn’t exactly look packed with visitors.
[21:14] * Shogo_Oshi gives himself a last look over in the mirror (in the bathroom, since investing in a full-length one would be such a hassle), adjusting the collar of his old suit. Almost an antique by now, it’s amazing that it hasn’t been eaten by moths in the decades it lay in prison storage back in Japan.
[21:16] * Jaques prepares all his painting with delecasy, putting them in specially for this constructed tubes
[21:16] * Jaques takes another one of those tubes and put’s the two fake paintings inside
[21:16] * Mercury does the usual preflight checks on the helicopter, making some last-minute tests and making sure all of the shiny new electronics are working alright.
[21:16] * Marik drinks and glowers. Perfect bodygyard material.
[21:16] Hoping to start a tradition, Rudolf begins the operation in the changing room, slipping into proper gentleman’s attire and combing his hair into the most tasteful thing he can manage. He goes on to board the transport heli with a book on the Fine Arts in one hand.
[21:18] * Jaques puts on his slighty out of the ordinary kinda ‘haut culture’ clothes, puts on some make up to make him look a bit less rested and on cocaine.
[21:19] “No, no, don’t do that, cocaine is very art. It’ll work, trust me.”
[21:19] * Jaques conseals 2 knives, one normal and one small in nondisclosed areas.
[21:20] * Rudolf ruffles through Jaques’ hair, to make him look more like an addict/artist
[21:20] * Shogo_Oshi boards the helicopter with a solemn look (rather than the jaw-clenching frown he usually has), looking a lot like an antique himself.
[21:20] “Thanks.”
[21:21] “Better head to the chopper. and pck up one of those tubes will ya.”
[21:23] * Rudolf picks up the second tube containing Jaques painting and heads to the chopper.
[21:23] * Jaques follows Rudolf up
[21:24] * Marik sits in the Chopper, in a cheap black suit, his pistol holstered at his side and a black duffel bag slung over his head. Apparently he is practicing his glower, and the look staring out the helicopter window is somewhat worrying. He is drinking, although in respect for his false position, he’s using a quite good quality hip flask.
[21:25] * Rudolf boards the chopper, and seeing tonights bodyguard, commends his disguising abilities and on the cheapness his get-up, optimal for such a role.
[21:26] * Mercury looks back. “Alright, everybody’s here. Take a seat, doesn’t matter which one. Make sure to grab one of those headsets-” Mercury points at some bulky-looking ones right above each seat “-the soundproofing on this set is okay, but it’s the only way we’ll be able to communicate with each other in the air. Also, protect your hearing.”
[21:27] * Marik puts the headset on, giving a somewhat gruff acknowledgement
[21:27] * Shogo_Oshi sits down opposite Marik, also snagging a headset.
[21:28] * Rudolf takes a seat, switching from commbead to headset.
[21:28] * Jaques nods as he puts on the last headset. Uneasy about the whole chopper thing
[21:29] * Mercury grabs his laptop from a bag on the other seat. “Alright, give me a second to check weather and ATC conditions and we’ll be set.”
[21:32] * Marik gives a cough, and drinks some more. He looks sadly back to their facililty, with its surplus of large, explosive weapons. This was going to be a long day.
[21:32] Apparently it looks like it’s going to start raining later in the day, but for the moment the sky is largely clear, and Vancouver’s air authority has long since turned over local air control to the corporations, figuring that they’ll watch their own airspace in the city.
[21:36] “Alright, buckle up, we’re ’bout to go.” Mercury starts up the ‘copter, turns the squawk to 1200, and keys the radio. “Vee four oh seven, VFR departure to the south at or below one five zero zero feet.”
[21:38] Some time later, after an uneventful trip, the helicopter descends towards the museum.
[21:38] There’s a bit of other air traffic, but not much. Somewhere on the south side they can see a Paladin Security transport helicopter dropping a team in the slums, a couple of VDF assault helicopters are heading somewhere out to sea. Besides that there’s some civilian helicopters like theirs.
[21:38] From above the museum looks like it does from street level, except that the grey roof is flat and has several large skylights. It looks like a single, unfortunate security guard is stuck patrolling it.
[21:43] * Mercury descends onto the street in front of the museum. “Probably should have looked into a landing pad earlier, but nobody’s using the street right now.”
[21:44] One of the security guards out front gets on his doofy little walkie-talkie as Mercury lands the helicopter.
[21:44] * Shogo_Oshi disembarks promptly, putting on his best poker face.
[21:44] “This is your stop, guys.”
[21:45] * Rudolf exits the helicopter in his suit, fancying himself an important international person of some sort.
[21:45] * Jaques gets off
[21:45] * Marik steps out, pulling his coat around him and scanning the street, staying close to Shogo. He’s guarded real bodies a few times, so he has a general idea of how shit goes.
[21:46] No one seems about to rush out to arrest them or tell them to leave the premises.
[21:47] “Keep in touch through the combeads, I’ll pick you up when you call.” Mercury takes off again, ascending high into the sky.
[21:47] * Rudolf straightens suit, nods to Jaques, “I guess we have an appointment”
[21:47] * Jaques nods with a grin “I guess we do.”
[21:48] * Shogo_Oshi begins marching toward the museum entrance. He approaches the security guard and without preamble asks where to find the administration. “We have an appointoment with mister Syrvain.”
[21:52] The guard nods, “Yes sir, I was told you’d be arriving, which one of you is Mister LeGrand?”
[21:53] * Jaques moves to the front of the group. Tilts his head and pats the man on his cheek, then squeezes a little. “That would be me.”
[21:53] Marik notes that the museum guards in their boring, grey rentacop uniforms(with matching gray caps) are not wearing any body armour and only seem to be dragging around dinky little 9mm sidearms and a tazer.
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[21:55] The guard backs off a bit, “Er… right, Mr. LeGrand? I’m supposed to escort you and your…” he looks the group over, “Entourage, to director Sylvain.”
[21:55] * Marik lets a smirk slip across his mouth. One bullet men, at best.
[21:56] “Let’s get a move on then, we might have to catch a plane after this.”
[21:56] “After you mister Nieman.
[21:57] “Righto, chin up and soforth. Lead us in my good man.”
[21:59] * Marik follows, silent, moving just behind shogo and giving a good, well practiced glower to anyone who pays too much attention to the group.
[22:00] The four of them are escorted through the vestibule, a nicely decorated place, and through a glass corridor to the administration building. Despite the building being tall from the outside, most of that seems to, on the inside, have been devoted to making the ceilings really far up, rather than multiple stories.
[22:01] Once at the administration building they’re escorted into Sylvain’s office, which is covered in a combination of pieces of art and very large bookcases. The man himself is sitting behind his ornate desk, he’s skinny as a rake, bald, has a long, pointed nose(at the end of which a small pair of glasses are elegantly balanced) and wears a grey turtleneck.
[22:03] Halfway across North Vancouver, Mercury is settling down inside the helicopter on the landing pad with a pepperoni pizza and his laptop.
[22:06] * Marik stands near the door, not taking a seat. His eyes scan the office, scrutinising every detail, and give the gallery manager a good, long, stare. He then takes a sip form his hip flast.
[22:07] “Cheerio my good man, we talked on the phone.” Rudolf points over to Jaques “This is the wunderkind Paris is so excited about.”
[22:07] * Shogo_Oshi enters the office and makes a bow, greeting Sylvain in Japanese to give that foreign businessman impression.
[22:08] Mercury is treated to perfect control of EVERY camera in the museum, as well as elegantly deleting all records of his presence. Everything looks normal, he can even watch their conversation with Sylvain. The only oddity is that one of the cameras up in Room 15 has something blocking it, dangling down in front of it. It looks like a rope.
[22:08] * Mercury types away at the laptop with one hand, eating pizza with the other. He could probably do this system in his sleep.
[22:08] “Okay, guys, I’m in the system. I can see and hear all of yo- hey, what’s that? There’s… is that a rope? Did we leave a rope in Room 15?”
[22:09] Sylvain watches the group for a couple of moments, steepling his hands in front of him, eyes moving from one to the other, as if sizing them up, then suddenly extends a hand without getting up, “Hmmmm… pleased to meet you.”
[22:11] * Jaques walks over to the desk and pushes some stuff off it “Don’t mind if I set up here.”
[22:12] * Rudolf avoids the dangerously fragile and spiky-looking guest chairs and just lets Jaques do his ‘enfant terrible’ routine.
[22:13] “I’ll take that as a no. I’m thinking somebody should check out that rope.”
[22:14] * Shogo_Oshi clears his throat loudly in Jacques’ direction.
[22:14] Sylvain raises an eyebrow but folds his hand back into the steepled position and watches Jaques.
[22:17] “Vous devriez exitez monsieur Koichiro”
[22:20] “Now, now, patience chap.” Rudolf gesticulates in Shogo’s general direction, “This is Koichiro Junizumi, I believe he would want to exchange a few words before our artist extraordinaire gets to work.”
[22:23] * Shogo_Oshi clasps his hands behind his back, straightening his posture as he speaks to Sylvain. “Yes. I am the sponsor of ReGrand-san, and whatever one may say about him, his tarent cannot be doubted. Whire you deribarate on his artwork, I wourd rike to, ah, take the time to rook at your exhibit. I may be interested in making an offer.”
[22:24] Sylvain raises his nose at Shogo, “You don’t strike me as a true connoiseur… but take your time, perhaps you might LEARN something.”
[22:24] * Marik gives Sylvain a Glower.
[22:25] Sylvain retaliates with an Eyebrow, it appears he and Marik are evenly matched.
[22:26] * Shogo_Oshi gives Marik a meaningful look, then makes a polite half-bow at Sylvain. “You have my gratitude,” he says before turning around and gesturing for Marik to follow him out of the office.
[22:27] * Marik follows, although as he closes the door, he leaves Sylvain a Menacing Glance to contemplate.
[22:30] * Jaques pulls out the first painting. “Je suis très contect de cet peignture”
[22:31] * Shogo_Oshi calmly makes his way to room 17 with Marik in tow. Whenever there are no other visitors that could overhear, he taps his comm-bead to speak to Mercury. “We are heading in now. Do you sse us?”
[22:33] Room 15 appears to be closed off to visitors for renovations or some such, the large skylight window in the ceiling appears to have been broken and several thin, black ropes are dangling down around the edges. One of them must be what’s blocking off Mercury’s camera, no people appear to be at work on the room, and the only thing keeping people out is a large: “Please don’t enter”-sign on the door.
[22:34] * Marik narrows his eyes. That gave him a bad feeling. “We should go through here, sir” he says, sticking to his assumed character- just in case
[22:34] The painting has an old wooded ship with it’s bow cut clean by a laser beam from a high tech advanced ship. The old woodenships insides are an allegory of corprate sell outs.
[22:36] Sylvain takes the painting out of Jaques’ hands and regards it coolly, “Do you have more of this… art?”
[22:36] The word “art” is laced with noticeable venom.
[22:37] The corridor from 13 to 17 seems to be full of a display of pipe-related art. Some of it’s pretty nice, there’s a painting of two guys duelling with oversized calabash pipes.
[22:37] * Jaques dexterously pulls out another. and lays it on the table.
[22:38] * Shogo_Oshi looks over his shoulder for any random passers-by before slipping inside room 15 and flipping away the rope interfering with the camera’s view. He retreats back out in shorter order. “We shourd find what we came for,” he mutters to Marik.
[22:38] Watching through the cameras, Mercury can see that hall 17(according to the website it contains a display of “Surrealist Cubist Parodist Paintings Throughout The Ages”) is empty of visitors. Apparently no one approves of “Cubes on LSD Playing Poker.”
[22:39] Shogo manages his little trick without without any effort, through the skylight he can see that clouds are gathering above, they look ominously dark.
[22:39] “Okay, I’ll keep an eye on the other rooms. Jaques is already on his second painting, you’d better hurry.”
[22:39] * Marik nods
[22:39] It’s a large canvas, it is largly black with a single rather white female in utter disarray. Emotion seeps from her very poors as she weeps on the floor
[22:40] “I can see what you’re doing here, Mr. LeGrand,” Sylvain interrupts, “And you’re not fooling anyone. Not you,” he sneers, “Or your primates in suits.”
[22:41] * Shogo_Oshi gives the pipe pieces only a cursory glance – they must be too modern for him – before entering room 17, where the artwork elicits a much more focused interest.
[22:41] “Try not to do anything suspicious, the cameras are still accessible to th- oh god, turtleneck is saying something bad.”
[22:42] Shogo actually finds a few parodies of traditional Japanese art, some of them are even woodcuts. A single rentacop is strutting through the hall, adjusting his Rentacop Utility Belt as he heads from one side to the other.
[22:42] “De quoi il parle Neiham?”
[22:43] Sylvain points an accusing finger at Jaques, “You, Mr. LeGrand, are no artist. Your work has no SOUL. It has no MESSAGE. It’s just painting on a canvas!”
[22:44] “Never mind, he’s just being all pretentious. Might want to hurry up before the fistfight starts.”
[22:45] * Jaques pulls out another painting, it’s an urinoir, it’s filled with sigarettes.
[22:46] Sylvain pulls a packet of cigarettes from his desk, puts one in his mouth, makes a slow of lighting it and puffing on it, spins his desk chair once while blowing out smoke and then puts out his cigarette on Jaques’ painting.
[22:46] * Shogo_Oshi pretends to be engrossed with one of the paintings on the walls, inclining his head toward Marik so as to give the impression he is speaking to his bodyguard. “There’s a guard here. Need distraction,” he mutters.
[22:46] In Hall 17, Shogo and Marik easily locate the painting they’re supposed to find, there’s really only one that could be taken for a very colourful version of Munch’s “The Scream” with a screaming cube that’s being twisted into something resembling green taffy.
[22:47] * Marik pulls out the painting tube, handing it to Shogo “So… how do we do this?”
[22:47] * Jaques slaps the mans hands off and punches him in the face.
[22:49] Marik and Shogo hear a sound from above, but it turns out it’s just the rain that’s started drumming on the skylight.
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[22:50] * Marik gives the skylight a good long stare “Hmm…”
[22:50] “Yeah, Jaques just punched that fucker right in the face. I don’t think he’s faking it, either. You may want to hurry.”
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[22:52] Jaques breaks Sylvain’s nose and sends him slumping on to the floor, but not before his ruined nose sprays a helpful heaping of blood all over Jaques’ latest painting.
[22:53] * Shogo_Oshi looks up at the rain pattering on the glass as well. He rubs his chin for a second before approaching the museum guard. “Excuse me, I courd not herp but notice the broken window in the ceiling that way…” – He points down the corridor toward room 15, then looks upwards again. “And now it rains.”
[22:54] * Rudolf remarks “I’ll never really understand performance art. Is Mr. Sylvain still conscious?”
[22:55] The guard tips his cap at Shogo and speaks to him very loudly as if Shogo hasn’t just spoken to him in perfectly understandable yet-heavily-accented English, “DON’T WORRY SIR, THAT ROOM IS EMPTY, WE’RE USED TO RAIN HERE, I GUESS YOU DON’T GET RAIN LIKE THAT OVER IN CHINA, DO YOU? WHAT WITH IT BEING WARM ALL THE TIME,” he pats Shogo on the back in a condescending way and leaves the room while chuckling to himself.
[22:55] * Jaques pulls his painting and crouches to the man. Showing the painting to him
[22:56] “e- now? ”
[22:56] “Neiham, questionez i’ll s’ill aime le maintenant ‘performance art’.
[22:57] “Actually, Jaques, there’s a camera in that room. I’m going to have to cut the feed or you’ll get your ass vanned. Pick one in the next five seconds or I pick for you.”
[22:58] * Jaques clears his throught twice. Indicating they should stay on
[22:58] * Shogo_Oshi remains standing with a bemused expression as the guards leaves the room. “Mercury? Get ready.” – As soon as the guard’s out of sight, he dashes back to the painting, fishing out a Swiss army knife from his pocket and unfolds the sharpest cutting tool in it.
[22:59] Marik hears a strangled “urk” coming from the corridor the guard entered, it’s the big room 16 with all the pipes they just came from.
[22:59] * Mercury sighs and keeps the feed to the administration room going, while going back to the room 17 camera and putting back up a still of the empty room, occasionally running a clip of the guard walking through.
[23:00] * Marik pulls out his magnum, looking around for some cover, and whispers “Something else is going on here”
[23:00] * Rudolf gives the director a condolencing pat on the back “You have now been treated to an actual live LeGrand performance. You’ll now be remembered forever in the ‘materials’ section of the painting information. Congratulations!”
[23:00] “Huh?” Mercury zooms out his view and checks the cameras of the adjacent rooms.
[23:01] Mercury sees the guard unconscious in the middle of the floor, a tiny, inconspicuous dart stuck in the side of his neck. No one else is in the room, or if they are, they’re out of the camera’s angle of view, which sees everything except for the ceiling.
[23:01] * Shogo_Oshi presses himself up against the wall, pulling out the bottom of the painting ever so slightly to check for any alarm wires in the back or anything of the sort. “Keep rook out,” he says distractedly.
[23:01] “Shit, the guard got darted. I don’t see anybody else in there.”
[23:02] Oh yeah, there are alarm wires, a whole fucklot of them. Shogo’s pretty sure there’s enough machinery there to alart the guards to anything from slightly high air vapor to vibrations. If he just yanked that fucker off there’d probably be a huge alarm.
[23:02] “How do you feel about the painting now, it does have a certain je ne sais quoi, wouldn’t ou agree?”
[23:02] * Jaques twitches at the prospect of combat, his fingers wanting to grab a hold of his knife.
[23:02] Sylvain is STILL UNCONSCIOUS. He doesn’t show any signs of waking up any time soon.
[23:03] * Shogo_Oshi curses in Japanese. “Back has roads of ararm wires,” he reports both to Marik and Mercury. “Any tips to scrape them off?”
[23:04] “Man, I can see the alarm wires from here. Hold on, I’ll see if I can disable the alarms from here, but if they have a decent enough security system that it’s analog, I’ll try to walk you through it.”
[23:04] * Marik points his pistol at the entryway “No goddamn idea, but I think we should be Quick”
[23:05] Up above, the rain is pattering a lot harder on the skylight. Practically impossible to see anything through it, the clouds up there are practically pitch black.
[23:06] Mercury both disables the alarm AND installs a back door that’ll alert the guards to an “emergency” in the opposite end of the museum.
[23:06] * Marik glances up. “I have a bad feeling. A Moroii upon this day”
[23:06] * Jaques stands up, waiting for the guards.
[23:07] “Alright, I’ve not only disabled the alarm wires, I’ve set up a manual trap that’ll fake an alarm way the fuck on the other side of the museum. Slip in ‘Picasso’ if you need me to activate it.”
[23:07] No guards are busting in to arrest Jaques and Rudolf.
[23:07] “Operator, you’re a real treasure, you know that?”
[23:08] * Shogo_Oshi starts snipping the wires in short order, then lifts the painting off the wall and does whatever he can to divest the canvas of its frame without harming the piece unduly.
[23:08] “That’s what I live for. Your wish is my command.”
[23:09] “Alright, good job Merc.” Jaques comments slipping out of his role. He takes a look at his paintings, decides to leave them where they are. “Worst shit I ever made.”
[23:09] * Rudolf contacts the other half of the ground team over commbead; “I’m not disturbing, am I? Listen, we kind of finished earlier, so whaddya say, heist and then dinner?”
[23:09] And then, just as Shogo puts the painting in the tube, the skylight above them shatters, sending fist-sized shards of glass everywhere. Going down right in the middle of them is a guard, a DEAD guard, because few people have like a dozen shurikens in their torso and face and keep breathing.
[23:09] “Oh wait, you’re leaving the stuff? I like your latest piece.”
[23:10] * Mercury spits out his diet soda. “Jesus christ, the fuck? Are those fucking shurikens?”
[23:10] Shogo’s eyes narrow dramatically, tossing the tube back to Marik.
[23:10] “Haha, man, I’m not going to bring anything good with me to an op. Best case senario it blows up horribly somehow.”
[23:11] * Marik catches it, shoving it in his bag. Marik can see he’s probably not wanted. He starts making his way back to the entrance “Good luck, Shogo. I know the field of honour when I see it”
[23:11] Black fast ropes go over the edges of the broken skylight, reaching almost to the ground, Mercury sees a half dozen ninjas with long, curved blades drop from the ceiling in Corridor 16.
[23:11] * Rudolf stops cold atthe sound of shattering glass. Completely abandoning role he asks calmly and systematically “What was that and where are you now?”
[23:12] * Jaques walks slowly out of the office, checking himself for bloodsplater, and leads Rudolf outside too.
[23:12] “Shit, they’re north of your position, Rudy. They’re being attacked by fucking ninjas. Hold on, I’m starting this thing up and getting you the fuck out of there.
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[23:12] * Mercury starts up the helicopter and rapidly goes through the takeoff niceties before rocketing towards the museum.
[23:13] Another group of ninjas just busted in the front doors and blowgun-darted every motherfucker in sight, those hit by the darts keel over instantly, apparently dead or unconscious.
[23:14] * Jaques grins enthusiasticly and reaches for his belt. which unfortunatly do not contain any grenades or molotov bottles at this time.
[23:14] Normally, one should not fly a helicopter and keep track of a shitload of security cameras at once, but Mercury is just that good. “Okay, going out the front is no longer a viable option.”
[23:14] * Jaques frowns
[23:14] * Rudolf lets out a sigh “I knew this would happen. In the last second when you punched that guy, I thought it was time for plan B. And then I let my guard down.” Rudolf takes a swig from his hip-flask on the way to the north, “but ninjas? Damn. I didn’t expect that.”
[23:15] More ninjas are sliding down the fast ropes in Hall 17, they’re two to the ropes at a time, like a dozen of them are going to be on the floor in a few seconds. As soon as the first one lands, he ignores Marik and speaks directly to Shogo, “For the honour of the BLACK SPIDER CLAN we are here to claim that painting! Surrender it now!”
[23:15] “Roger that, what are alternate avenues of exfiltration?”
[23:15] “Head for shogo, we make exfil there”
[23:15] “Keep heading north and meet up with the others, and then all of you head west when I give the signal- room 17 is way too hot for exfil, go back west to 16.”
[23:16] “Oh boy. guns blazing, hanging from ropes of a helicopter? This’ll be like vintage action movies.”
[23:16] “Roger, moving”
[23:17] “Wait, no, not 16, 15. It’s a dead end so you’ll only have to deal with one vector of attack. Hold on, I’m almost there.”
[23:18] “Shogo? Just give them the fakes man.”
[23:18] “Wait till we get there.”
[23:18] * Shogo_Oshi was quite prepared for a show-down as soon as he recognised the throwing stars, but the appearance of six masked assassins (with more coming) causes him to look deep inside himself. Is this to be a valiant last stand, martyring himself for the sake of his honour? He quickly draws his pistol and hauls ass down the corridor to room 15, the Japanese equivalent of ‘fuck this shit’ as the only –
[23:18] – response to the Black Spiders’ challenge. -|
[23:19] * Marik glances at the Ninja’s, then at shogo. Then he runs. On the move, he raises his gun, and starts shooting at the bastards just as they hit the floor. “Say hello to Dziadek, Skurwysyn”
[23:19] Hauling ass down the corridor is a bit better, there are only six ninjas in their way here, they look like standard martial arts fodder.
[23:23] Marik drops a couple of ninjas, who don’t get impressive death descriptions because there are close to twenty chasing him and Shogo still. Shogo shoots one and does an impressive kick that lifts another off his feet and through a sculpture of a creature that looks remarkably like a Xenomorph with a pipe for a head. A pair of goons try to take stabs at him, but he dodges past them by shoving a sculpture in their way.
[23:25] Mercury’s coming in from the air, and he can already see something Bad is going down from some distance away, the roof above Room 17 is CRAWLING with ninjas who’re standing around in the pouring rain, waiting their turn to slide down the fast ropes. A solitary, black-clad figure is approaching the fast-ropes leading down to Room 15, however.
[23:26] * Jaques looks around and grabs the heaviest thing he can find to blow out the windows.
[23:26] “Oh shit, SHIT. The roof over 17 is fucking CRAWLING with ninjas, and one of ’em is headed to 15. I’ll try to go in hot but this thing isn’t armoured.”
[23:26] Jaques easily smashes the window with a bronze statue of a sunflower.
[23:26] * Rudolf picks up a neo=cubist perversion of The “Treachery of Images” by René Magritte and hurls it through the western glass wall of the corridor connecting administration with room 17, removing a superfluous insult to dadaism and simultaneously creating an exfiltration way.
[23:26] Rudolf ruins the window right next to him as superfluous destruction.
[23:26] “Oh, you made a door already? Sorry I was in thoughts.”
[23:27] * Jaques lets out a hearty cheer before going out of Rudolfs escapeway, it seems better somehow.
[23:27] * Mercury hits the cyclic far forward to dive in and drop the ladder. “I’ll pick you two up later, I’ll get Shogo and Marik now. Fucking run, there are at least sixty.
[23:27] The deep thinking process is lost to all but Rudolf.
[23:27] Shogo and Marik reach the door to Room 15! They’re still pursued!
[23:28] * Shogo_Oshi looses another pair of bullets into the throng of ninjas behind them, still heading for #15 figuring an enemy force 1 is better than 30.
[23:28] * Marik turns, emptying the rest of his gun into the oncoming Ninjas, overtaken by something, perhaps bravado, or perhaps the spirit, of his Dziadek…
[23:29] “Operator, while you’re here, would you mind airlifting us some weaponry? I’m feeling a tad inappropriate without it.”
[23:29] Mercury sees the solitary dark figure slip down a rope just before he reaches the hole and then… Shogo and Marik burst through the door(or at least presumeably they both do, unless Marik wants to stand and fight), and the door is then promptly nailed shut behind them by a barrage of shurikens.
[23:30] A solitary ninja stands in the room before them, both hands glistening with deadly bouquets of throwing weapons: “I am Dan! Shuriken master of the Black Spider Clan! Surrender the painting or die without honour!”
[23:31] * Mercury hovers over the hole and hits the autohover, scrambling into the back to open the door, grab his weapon to provide cover, and drop the ladder. This will, obviously, take some time.
[23:34] * Shogo_Oshi takes no time to even respond, leaping at Dan with an appropriately loud and high-pitched kiai shout. “Get to ze choppa!” he orders tube-lugging Marik, his accent thickening in the heat of the moment.
[23:35] * Marik nods to Shogo, and moves to leave- And then notices the hammer. His grandfather had a Hammer, and it saw him through great difficulties… He hefts it in one hand. It felt good, somehow. Hammer in one hand, gun in the other, Marik charges towards the exit…
[23:36] * Rudolf observes the carnage from the far end of the northern gardens, taking the time to take another swig of rum, because, goddamn. Ninjas. This just isn’t anyone’s lucky day.
[23:37] Before Marik can reach the nailed-shot door, he becomes aware of something Special occurring behind him. [Cont]
[23:38] Dan and Shogo charge at each other, flying shurikens blurring through the air as they clip past Shogo, removing a lock of his hair there, cutting loose one sleeve of his suit and then… Shogo’s “kiai” scream turns into a sound of panic: His feet have slipped on the rain-slick floor and he’s sliding unstoppably towards Dan.
[23:39] The two of them go down in a tangle of limbs and pained sounds, Shogo’s got his sword in SOMETHING, but he isn’t sure what, and SOMETHING sharp is jabbing into his own hip. Marik can see Dan slumped under Shogo and quite a lot of blood spreading on the ground.
[23:40] The door into the rest of the museum is starting to give under the flood of ninjas pounding on it.
[23:42] * Marik rushes over and helps Shogo up “Are you alright? You look hurt…” he turns back to the door, and passes the tube to Shogo, then reloads his pistol. “Get to the chopper. I will watch your back”
[23:43] * silvsleep is now known as Silv|Out
[23:44] On closer examination, Shogo’s got a shuriken stuck in his hip and Dan has got a sword which SHOGO STOLE FROM A NINJA IN A PREVIOUS SCENE BUT NO ONE EVER DESCRIBED stuck through his chest. He’s pretty dead and has an expression of terminal surprise on his face. It looks like they won’t be seeing him again.
[23:45] * Shogo_Oshi groans as he gets to his feet, too dazed to do anything but follow Marik’s instructions. Holding the tube under one arm, he shakes his head and grabs onto the rope leading up to the helicopter, starting his ascent.
[23:47] * Marik turns and watches the door, yelling out for all to hear “I am Marik Skorupa, son of a family of warriors, friend to the Yakuza by long alliance. Do you really dare face me? Do you really dare risk your lives?”
[23:47] Shogo practically shoots up the rope despite his injured hip, Marik’s left alone down below just as the doors give way and like six dozen ninjas start piling into the room.
[23:48] The ninjas surround Marik and watch him carefully for a moment, then one of them pulls down his mask, “Hey, that guy killed Dan!” Another one mumbles through his mask: “I don’t want to die!”
[23:48] “I heard the Golden Scorpions have good dental!”
[23:48] Marik seems temporarily forgotten as the ninjas discuss alternate employment with different ninja clans.
[23:49] “Marik, climb the goddamn ladder!”
[23:49] * Marik smiles, and starts to make his way up the rope, putting the hammer in his bag.
[23:49] * Mercury stands at the hatch with his trusty rifle, covering Marik from the helicopter.
[23:49] “Merc, get word to paladin sec, that their paintings are being stolen.”
[23:50] “By ninjas, no less.”
[23:50] “Rather alarming if I do say so myself. Ventrolic was just here to conduct some business.”
[23:51] “And got caught in the crossfire
[23:51] “Legal matters at that.”
[23:51] With Marik safely in the chopper, Mercury flies the chopper over to Team Artist, and opens up a line to Paladin security. “This oughta be good.”
[23:51] “On second thought, cut out our involvment.”
[23:52] * Rudolf and the ‘artist’ half of Team Artist board the helicopter.
[23:53] Mercury gets a secretary: “Paladin Security, this is Nina speaking!”
[23:54] * Mercury starts flying away with everything safely stowed as he begins talking. “Yeah, hi. I was just passing by the Vancouver Museum of Art, which I believe employs your services?”
[23:56] “Anyway, it’s getting mobbed by ninjas. I’m betting at least eighty, probably more. You might want to take care of that before they start getting away with artwork.”
[23:56] “That is correct sir!” Nina almost launches into a corporate schpiel before she hears him out, he can hear her frantically hitting buttons, and soon the group sees a small swarm of transport helicopters lifting off from somewhere near the edge of town and make a beeline for the museum.
[23:57] pretty
[23:57] Mercury accidentially gets disconnected in the confusion, but the five of them can hear the gunfire even over the helicopter rotors as they make their way back home.
[23:57] “Well, have fun with that.” Mercury hangs up and chuckles to himself. “I guess that’s the last we’ve heard of the Black Tarantula clan. Or whatever.”
Session Time: Thu Jan 21 00:00:00 2010
[00:00] * Shogo_Oshi seethes quietly in the back of the helicopter, yanking out the shuriken from his hip and glaring at it menacingly. “Don’t be so sure…” he rumbles ominously.
[00:00] A couple of Sea Wolf representatives, both of them dressed like sailors and currently involved in a game of cards, are waiting for the group back on the bridge of their ship. How they got in is a mystery, but one of them’s getting his ass kicked at poker.
[00:01] “This may be a sign that we need to upgrade our security.”
[00:01] “Or that he needs to suck less at poker, I’m not sure which.”
[00:01] “It is a sign I have not yet earned an extra.”
[00:02] * Rudolf sits down with the gentlemen, pulling out a wallet
[00:02] “Well, fuck. If you’re going to then deal me in.”
[00:03] “Hey guys!” One of the Wolves greets them with a cheery grin before dealing Merc and Rudolf in, “You get the painting?”
[00:03] * Shogo_Oshi hands the cylinder containing the painting over to Jacques before going below decks to find a bandage.
[00:03] “Sure did!” Jaques says as he pulls out the painting-s
[00:04] * Jaques takes a quick glance at both of them
[00:04] “Great job,” the guy looks at the painting and nods, “The money’s going to be in your account before long, whoever wanted you to steal this shit is a brilliant man.”
[00:04] “I’m not sure which one is the fake one.”
[00:04] The guy shrugs, “Who cares? It’s not important who HAS it, what’s important is that it’s missing.”
[00:05] “Don’t worry, I’ve got a mass spectrometer belowdecks. You can go use it.”
[00:05] “Your silly machines again?”
[00:05] “…I was kidding, really, I don’t actually own a mass spectrometer.
[00:06] “huh, I don’t even know what that is. Anyway.” Jaques says as he investigates the paintings further.
[00:07] Rudolf draws an exceptional hand on the first round, Mercury gets utter trash.
[00:07] “Not that it’s any of my concern, really, but I wonder, why would the sea wolves be suddenly interested in art?”
[00:08] “Alright,” one of them puts down his cards, face down, “You guys saw all those awful fucking paintings of cubes and shit? No one likes it except art fags, BIG SURPRISE. So this guy thought that if someone nicked HIS painting, it’d score them some publicity,” he shrugs, “All that matters is that we get paid fat lots to get it.”
[00:08] * Jaques is stumped as he tries to look across the edges of both paintings, seeing no dissimilarity.
[00:08] “wowowowow, hold on… What did you just say?” Jaques looks up in bewilderment.
[00:09] “I knew this thing was a piece of crap but…”
[00:09] “‘I don’t own a mass spectrometer’?”
[00:10] “not you” Jaques says with a quick glance to merc then back to the sea wolves guys. “And you couldn’t have said anything about this?”
[00:10] “It had to look real, didn’t it?” The Sea Wolf scowls at his own hand, swaps two cards.
[00:10] “Heh. Well I guess it’s a good reason as any. Call and raise by ten. Also, I need to get drinks for eveyone.”
[00:10] “I mean, this would’ve made our job a lot fucking easier.”
[00:11] “Fold. I keep some drinks in the cabinets below the wheel, next to the wires and shit.”
[00:11] “Christ….”
Session Close: Thu Jan 21 00:12:06 2010


[21:03] * Arocalex is now known as Jaques
[21:03] ?
[21:04] * recon is now known as Mercury
[21:04] I imagine you as the leftmost in this, after you flip the fuck outhttp://beta.jerkcity.com/jerkcity1465.html
[21:04] Jaques paints a bloody red sea with dark ships flying above the waves, corpses raining down unto the water and explosions covering the sky. It exemplifies his feelings about violence and his disgust at the loss of human life.
[21:04] * moela is now known as Rudolf
[21:04] that’s gonna sell well
[21:04] * Emo_Duck is now known as Shogo_Oshi
[21:05] “We can only hope. How much more do you have?”
[21:05] * Earthflame is now known as Marik
[21:05] Alriiiiiiight.
[21:05] Let’s get this show on the road.
[21:05] /nick PurpleGM
[21:05] …Dude, don’t do that.
[21:05] Please.
[21:06] cuz you always talk in suptg
[21:06] Christ.
[21:06] what, who’s not doing what?
[21:06] Rudolf talking in #Crossfire. :|
[21:07] :|
[21:07] this is the OC channel
[21:07] oh crud
[21:07] my bad
[21:08] I mixed them up, won’t happen again
[21:08] better not
[21:08] * Jaques goes after Rudolf with a knife
[21:08] good god
[21:09] * Rudolf defends self with JAques’ greatest masterpiece
[21:09] ffffffuu
[21:09] my only weakness
[21:10] that and bullets
[21:10] so let’s clarify
[21:10] we insist on entering with the heloi
[21:10] yes/no
[21:11] Alright, you guys are free to describe what you’re doing.
[21:11] Which includes any pre-mission prep.
[21:11] PurpleXVI: in the future is there still ATCs and airspace control or stuff
[21:11] PurpleXVI: or does everybody just fly and shit
[21:12] My pre-mission prep includes a crash-course in modern art and a refresher in social engineering
[21:12] we all set, no need to do IC pre prep
[21:12] Any flying near airports or military stuff requires permissions, etc.
[21:12] “objective-focused” is high on my CV
[21:12] so, no
[21:12] But if you’re just taking a trip in a helicopter over some generic urban area, etc. you’re clear.
[21:12] i was afraid I’d have to file a flight plan
[21:13] Oh yeah
[21:13] Marik has no guns, just his fists, and a sack full of vodka. (And fake paintings)
[21:13] also
[21:13] Rudolf goes out of his way to check on bills ‘n’ shit. Someone needs to keep the weapon’s factories oiled and running
[21:13] I do the usual preflight checks and stuff
[21:14] Rudolf, sush
[21:14] shush
[21:14] or how you prefer it
[21:14] I am now an integral member of the party
[21:14] :p
[21:14] you cannot survive without me
[21:14] and my skillz to pay the billz
[21:14] someone say something IC
[21:14] ah
[21:14] nvm
[21:15] How difficult is a .45 calibre handgun to conceal? :V
[21:15] Pistols are pretty easy to conceal, I’d say.
[21:15] They’re not going to be making any huge bulges in your clothes.
[21:15] Unless you’re wearing a spandex suit.
[21:15] Alright. And class IIa armour? :V
[21:16] Ah, there are not metal detectors? Dziadek is coming along then :3
[21:16] Well, I don’t know – are there? There might be. :P
[21:16] Up to II is easily concealed.
[21:16] No metal detectors.
[21:17] also, do we have commbeads
[21:17] And since Recon complained about “realism,” fine, you can have, like, six people in the civ helicopter.
[21:17] Sure, let’s say you do.
[21:17] it would be great if I had some sort of countdown in my ear while stalling
[21:17] Good. I’ll just assume this is a 407 for all purposes so I don’t have to keep bugging you
[21:18] if anybody else wants to know about the 407, http://www.bellhelicopter.com/en/aircraft/commercial/bell407.cfm
[21:18] Rudolf, it’ll be pretty clear
[21:19] no,
[21:19] I’m not on cocaine
[21:19] make it look like I’m on cocaine
[21:20] less rested, and on cocaine
[21:20] ok
[21:20] sorry for confusion
[21:20] What’s my role again? I was playing TF2 while you were planning. :P
[21:20] oh god
[21:21] i misread and thought you were making yourself look clean
[21:21] Rich git
[21:21] :3
[21:21] scroll urself up shogo
[21:21] OK, i miinterpreted your actions IC too, thinking you were prettying yourself up
[21:21] …Jaques, I was here for all the planning and I still have no idea what the plan is.
[21:21] and gave you a helping handin messing yourself up
[21:21] perfect
[21:21] IC saved
[21:22] what tubes
[21:22] IRC rpg can be confusing
[21:22] Jaques: what tubes
[21:22] Jaques prepares all his painting with delecasy, putting them in specially for this constructed tubes
[21:22] oh good
[21:22] is there a fuckton of them
[21:22] just 2
[21:22] good god do i hope there is a fuckton
[21:22] oh god
[21:22] 1 for me
[21:22] 1 for shogo
[21:23] but shogo is all in the chopper already
[21:23] being a jackass
[21:23] also, can you even roll up a painting
[21:23] yeah
[21:23] easy
[21:23] isn’t that, like, drawin-only
[21:23] doesn’t paint crack and whatnot
[21:23] naww
[21:24] depends on what kind of paint you have
[21:24] and how
[21:24] but you can
[21:24] thank god for the future
[21:24] if it’s not horribly old
[21:24] yeah
[21:24] that too
[21:24] recon
[21:25] yes?
[21:25] think you can hack the dude from here?
[21:25] probably not
[21:25] I could try, but I assume I’ve already run a basic portscan
[21:25] cuz the website might be made by a 5 year old
[21:26] with databases online and whatnot
[21:26] so employees can work from home
[21:26] I gotta get smack my grammar skills into shape
[21:26] >get smack
[21:26] how did that
[21:26] WHAT THE
[21:27] D:
[21:27] (I have regressed to a point where I can only communicate with emoticons)
[21:27] PurpleXVI: okay, I’ll just do a quick check on the laptop to see if the system is vulnerable from here
[21:29] Hmmmm…
[21:29] 1d10
[21:29] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 4 [1d10=4]
[21:29] Are you also doing that via the laptop right now IC?
[21:29] Or was that before you lifted off?
[21:29] PurpleXVI: before we lifted off, I’m just checking weather conditions now
[21:30] Alright, the website isn’t particularly secure, apparently they never thought anyone was going to hack it. You can get access to the museum network through it.
[21:30] I do hacking things to it
[21:30] get that internet, son. Do me proud.
[21:31] Roll me some Int+Computers, what are you trying to accomplish?
[21:31] * Mercury scrolls up and sees what he was supposed to do
[21:32] since we’re probably already in the schedule, we’re going to go in the VIP do-not-frisk list
[21:32] 1d10+9
[21:32] Mercury, 1d10+9: 12 [1d10=3]
[21:32] oh lord
[21:32] yeah, I’m fairly sure that made it
[21:33] +9 is mighty good son
[21:33] 4 int and 5 computer hacking
[21:33] and also a 5 in electronics
[21:33] i am GOOD with this shit
[21:33] Mercury spends more time trying to find the damn thing than actually breaking into it, apparently the main guy they’re going to talk to isn’t tech-savvy enough to have a particularly complex password. It’s “Michelangelo.”
[21:34] They’re now scheduled to show up on his doorstep in an hour or so and showing him some art that apparently he expressed interest in a few months ago.
[21:36] I can’t type today. I had to retype that like four times. :/
[21:37] fastforward
[21:37] we land
[21:37] Mercury: I will have to start retyping things, I type like shit lately
[21:39] http://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1264019575976.jpg
[21:39] Q: what time is it now
[21:40] Late afternoon, 4pm or so.
[21:40] I mean ingame
[21:40] thanks
[21:40] …where am I landing this thing
[21:41] No clue, you guys wanted to bring the damn thing. There are a lot of flat roofs nearby, I suppose, but that’d mean descending through a building.
[21:41] The museum itself has no helicopter landing pad.
[21:41] the lawn?
[21:41] THE LAWN
[21:41] If need be you guys could probably rent a landing pad at a nearby highrise for a while.
[21:41] i don’t think the lawn is nearly that big enough
[21:41] or in the middle of the street
[21:41] Do something artsy. Find a big flat statue or a gazebo or something
[21:41] because we are important
[21:42] There’s not much traffic right now, and the street out front is just wide enough.
[21:42] just drop us off
[21:42] find a parking lot later
[21:42] go to a high-rise parking building
[21:42] tell the guard to bring you the bill
[21:42] order a pizza
[21:43] boot up pc
[21:43] Then the helicopter crashes because Merc has greasy hands from the pizza.
[21:43] if he’s played with the computers so long he should be able to eat pizza with his feet
[21:43] and have no dex penalty
[21:44] goddamn you merc
[21:44] order pizza IV
[21:44] just pop it into your veins and enjoy the grease directly
[21:46] What’s the museum director’s name? :V
[21:47] Fredo
[21:47] Reynaud Sylvain
[21:47] I unno
[21:47] also
[21:47] everyone fake names
[21:47] PurpleXVI: Goddamn quebecois
[21:48] PurpleXVI: Can we just assume I find a parking spot nearby
[21:48]  everyone fake names
[21:48] don’t forget
[21:48] Yes, Mercury. We don’t need to roleplay it.
[21:49] Also a good idea: from wherever I am, hack back into network and view security cameras to coordinate team
[21:49] What’s Jaques’ fake name?
[21:49] Mercury: sweet
[21:49] Jaques: get mad artsy creative
[21:49] also, be an asshole
[21:49] being an asshole is very art
[21:50] I needs Jaques’ fake name before I can proceed. =P
[21:50] eeeeeeem
[21:50] FUCK FUCK
[21:50] nameblock
[21:51] I hope he’s brewing up something awesome
[21:51] hold up
[21:51] it’s like this huge lightbulb he’s gotta ram out of his skull
[21:51] Betrand LeGrand
[21:51] not awesome sorry
[21:51] although le grand means the grand
[21:52] it means the big
[21:52] we guessed
[21:52] :D
[21:52] Fine
[21:52] Frank Nieman it is
[21:52] also shogo, let rudolf do most of the talking
[21:52] atleast as much as he feels comftrable
[21:53] A’ight.
[21:53] con
[21:53] i’s coo, we haven’t gotten to “talking-talking” yet
[21:53] * ragnarok has joined #TSC
[21:54] gay artists are all the rave
[21:54] you’re perfect
[21:54] Evening.
[21:54] Marik will be a perfect bodyguard. Silent, but imposing.
[21:54] Evening Rag
[21:54] hi rags
[21:55] So what conversation did I just tumble into?
[21:56] a gaaame
[21:56] Marik: you’re like the heavy from TF2 which makes it even more awesome
[21:56] I’m playing a french knife wielding merc that’s pretending to be a gay artist
[21:56] from france
[21:57] Ah, that might explain a few things
[21:57] Nah, Marik is actually quite a clever criminal. He just knows most people think polaks are dim, and so plays along. People are chumps.
[21:57] Marik: so awesome
[21:58] time to get my ENGLISHMAN TALK on
[21:58] Ah, Rudy won’t have heard about the rating scheme. Little thing I made up, common among european criminals. Basically, you rate armed people in bullets, effectively meaning “It’d take that many bullets to kill you”. A five bullet man is your equal, less is inferior, with one being an insult, while higher than five is a complement or sign of retreat, i.e. “You’re too tough for me”
[22:00] that is pretty OK
[22:00] and I’m content with the guards being 1-bullet
[22:00] Shogo_Oshi: when do you split from me and the gay artist
[22:01] When I make it known I wish to buy some pieces, I guess. :V
[22:01] this is just marik’s notation, these guys might be lesters guys
[22:02] and that means we deal with +22 on dodge
[22:02] PurpleXVI: time to bust into the camera system
[22:02] oh fuck
[22:02] we’re dealing with a hipster here
[22:04] moela, ur up, talk to the man
[22:04] allong the lines of “we talked on the phone”
[22:05] wait
[22:05] isn’t the spotlight with merc
[22:05] give me a sign, oh GM
[22:05] You guys can talk while he hacks. =P
[22:06] Merc, do the usual HAXXING roll.
[22:06] oh okay
[22:06] 1d10+5
[22:06] PurpleXVI, 1d10+5: 10 [1d10=5]
[22:06] 1d10+9
[22:06] Mercury, 1d10+9: 19 [1d10=10]
[22:06] Gimme another d10
[22:06] 1d10
[22:06] Mercury, 1d10: 7 [1d10=7]
[22:07] My plan is for Marik to not say a word. He’s somewhat out of his element, and is smart enough to keep his mouth shut. If he opens it at all, he’ll be speaking Polish.
[22:08] Does Jaques plan to say anything?
[22:09] I am literally shaking my fist in fury
[22:09] I can see where the rope is leading to
[22:09] You’ve been here before?
[22:10] It’s a tvtropes thing I think
[22:10] are there chairs in front of the directors desk
[22:10] no, they’re people
[22:11] but between them and te desk
[22:11] Jaques: perfect
[22:11] Yes, there are chairs, but they’re odd, fragile-looking things with three legs carved in the shapes of dancing skeletons. You’re not entirely sure they can support your weight, but the red leather cushion and backrest do look comfoy.
[22:11] now
[22:11] contrive a reason to leave
[22:12] like ‘lolbored’
[22:12] or ‘moela can take care of it’
[22:12] or moela says he can take care of it
[22:12] whatever
[22:12] I think he’s talking to you shogo
[22:13] I think he’s talking to you. :V
[22:13] wait
[22:13] I am to leave too?
[22:13] (checking)
[22:13] no
[22:13] rudolf stays
[22:13] rest of you leave
[22:13] go check out that rope or something
[22:14] yesssssssss (in your faces)
[22:14] what’s shogo’s name?
[22:14] fakename
[22:15] Koichiro Junizumi
[22:16] iseewhatyoudidthere.jpg
[22:16] I don’t
[22:16] Shogo_Oshi: guess it’s time to leave the scene before JAques gets his art on
[22:17] Is either Jacques or Rudolf planning on making introductions? Otherwise I do have things I could say. :P
[22:17] “you can leave if you wish”
[22:17] oh
[22:18] you wanted to be introduced?
[22:18] urm
[22:18] moela?
[22:18] I implied he knew me and the artist
[22:18] but OK I’ll do intros
[22:20] is that good?
[22:20] I don’t have to introduce me and the artist
[22:21] he’d never admit to not knowing us
[22:21] he’d rather burn in hipster-hell for all eternity than to imply he isn’t perfectly on top of art things
[22:21] hehe
[22:24] what a douche
[22:24] things are smooth as fuck right now and things are really looking up.
[22:24] I’m expecting walls to explode any second now.
[22:24] :)
[22:24] remember the goddamned rope?
[22:24] PurpleXVI: ANY SECOND NOW
[22:25] MAN
[22:25] I know about that rope SO HARD
[22:25] SO
[22:25] HARD
[22:25] We’ll investigate the rope on the way to room 17
[22:25] Hehehe
[22:25] I thought Shogo was heading to check out the rope, perhaps. =P
[22:25] it’s not exactly on the way
[22:25] rope first
[22:26] you know it’s the right course of action
[22:26] Also, ADMINISTRATION building. The front area is largely empty, mostly just a glorified waiting room. The northern of the little line of rooms in a vertical line is Sylvain’s, the large back room is the security room.
[22:27] all galleries are glorified waiting rooms
[22:27] oh snap
[22:28] Is Marik carrying one of the aforementioned tubes? :V
[22:28] yes
[22:28] he better
[22:28] also
[22:28] Jaques, what ART STUFF are you getting up to on Sylvain’s desk?
[22:28] Jaques: I have no idea what the fuck you’re up to
[22:28] but make me proud
[22:29] “Whoops, we left the art in the helicopter.”
[22:29] erm
[22:29] paintings
[22:29] Marik took one, the important one
[22:29] about
[22:29] erm
[22:29] oh shit
[22:29] time to get CONCEPTUAL
[22:30] Just bullshit him
[22:30] ANYTHING
[22:30] Anyway, Shogo? Marik? :3 Where are you headed?
[22:30] wait, why is it bad? Did we seriously leave the art behind?
[22:30] nah
[22:31] worst case; pull off a Rauschenberg
[22:31] we didn’t leave it behind
[22:31] =p
[22:31] but with something shocking
[22:31] Jaques: You’re going to have to translate that shit, please. =P
[22:31] why would be?
[22:31] Room 17, via room 15. But, take a convoluted route. If we go too directly, its suspicious.
[22:31] I’m content with this one
[22:31] So back to the entrance and the long, clockwise way around, that’s about the only alternate route.
[22:31] So PLEASE.
[22:31] You don’t reach Room 17 right away.
[22:31] Ideally
[22:31] Let me describe 15 first.
[22:31] i assume I see them
[22:32] And Merc can follow them on the cameras the entire way.
[22:32] Jaques: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Iris_Clert_Portrait_Rauschenberg.jpg this is your fallback plan
[22:32] http://i45.tinypic.com/iddp9w.jpg Map again.
[22:33] * Elias|Class is now known as Pixel_Kitty
[22:33] oh thank god
[22:34] BACKUP backup plan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs_OacEq2Sk
[22:34] i was THIS CLOSE to assuming the rope was actually a fast-rope from someone stealing our paintings
[22:34] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdZYvPZhT1c&feature=related Improvement, Mercury.
[22:34] who says it’s not?
[22:34] Please… would you guys check the map? =P
[22:34] It has NUMBERED ROOMS.
[22:34] PurpleXVI: what the fuck
[22:34] You don’t go THROUGH room 15, at all, it’s a side room.
[22:35] I’m not proud of that description of that art
[22:35] Ah crap, I got 13 and 15 confused
[22:35] sorry
[22:36] let’s just call that fumble “in-character”
[22:36] goddamn hipster
[22:36] I can already see where this’ll go
[22:36] first performance art
[22:36] the flipping the fuck out
[22:37] urm
[22:37] the hipster will love the flipping the fuck out
[22:37] good god I hope you can flip the fuck out in a way that is attractive to hipsters
[22:37] describing
[22:37] hold up
[22:40] By the way, Merc, are you locking out local security from watching? Or just watching through the same cameras as them?
[22:40] same cameras
[22:40] PurpleXVI: Fuck you, surrealist cubist parodist paintings throughout the ages are awesome
[22:41] Basically: Imagine a famous painting except the important parts are replaced by funny-shaped/coloured cubes.
[22:41] PurpleXVI: and you’re saying that isn’t all the craze
[22:41] in 2050
[22:41] Somehow the public isn’t fascinated!
[22:41] unwashed proles
[22:42] oh man
[22:42] it’s a douchebaggy hipster standoff in here
[22:42] I’m thinking “Oh, you thought this was it?”
[22:42] Is Jaques going to RETALIATE? Or going to wait for the next BARRAGE?
[22:43] and the do something incredible
[22:43] give me atranslation
[22:43] what’s he talking boutu bro
[22:43] ok
[22:43] what you want to say to me back?
[22:43] I’m thinking
[22:43] I’ve got a rough outline of what I want you to say
[22:43] give me a second to
[22:44] REFINE
[22:44] OH DEAR LORD
[22:44] what’s he on about anyway?
[22:44] He’s insulting your art, dogg.
[22:44] he likes that bullshit
[22:44] fine
[22:44] quick check; purp, the last bit isn’t an anime reference, is it
[22:44] ….uh, no?
[22:44] jes checking
[22:45] ok
[22:45] now that you pulled this
[22:45] one more barrage
[22:45] then
[22:45] god-willing
[22:45] counterattack
[22:45] inb4 the guy is all kawaii about it
[22:47] :)
[22:47] Shogo, Marik: Per + Notice. Hearing-related.
[22:47] 1d10+2+3 Notice
[22:47] Shogo_Oshi, Notice: 12 [1d10=7]
[22:47] bollocks, sorry
[22:47] what do I roll purple?
[22:48] 1d10+4
[22:48] Marik, 1d10+4: 13 [1d10=9]
[22:48] +3 from acute hearing, too
[22:48] Rudolf, so far it’s going according to plan. :V
[22:48] 1d10
[22:48] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 7 [1d10=7]
[22:48] if our plan is terrible, then yes, I agree
[22:49] ok
[22:49] change of con plan
[22:49] incorporating punch right now
[22:49] Jaques: Brawl + Dex
[22:49] (good lord)
[22:49] Or Martial Arts if you want to make it some sort of NINJA SLAP.
[22:49] or
[22:49] good lord the best conclusion wuld be if you knocked him out cold right now
[22:50] * Aro has joined #TSC
[22:50] so my internet
[22:50] accidentally the whole thing
[22:50] OK so you’re punching him
[22:50] good god please knock him out
[22:50] Marik: thinking the same thing
[22:50] [22:47] Marik, 1d10+4: 13 [1d10=9]
[22:50] anything after that,
[22:50] ?
[22:51] ok
[22:51] so he hit?
[22:51] Jaques: Brawl + Dex
[22:51] (good lord)
[22:51] Or Martial Arts if you want to make it some sort of NINJA SLAP.
[22:51] * Jaques has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:51] 1d10+3
[22:51] Aro, 1d10+3: 13 [1d10=10]
[22:51] …Oh Jesus
[22:51] * Aro is now known as Jaques
[22:51] Another d10, please.
[22:51] 1d10
[22:51] Jaques, 1d10: 6 [1d10=6]
[22:51] hallelujah
[22:52] 6[22:47] * Jaques slaps the mans hands off and punches him in the face.
[22:52] anything IC after that?
[22:52] is he conscious y/n
[22:52] Marik and Shogo hear a sound from above, but it turns out it’s just the rain that’s started drumming on the skylight.
[22:52] [22:50] * Aro (Arocalex@5A620665.FD57A049.81C4C314.IP) has joined #crossfire
[22:52] [22:50] * Marik gives the skylight a good long stare “Hmm…”
[22:52] [22:50] “Yeah, Jaques just punched that fucker right in the face. I don’t think he’s faking it, either. You may want to hurry.”
[22:52] [22:51] * Jaques (Arocalex@5A620665.FD57A049.81C4C314.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
[22:52] [22:51] * Aro is now known as Jaques
[22:52] I fucking slap him again!
[22:52] [22:51] Jaques breaks Sylvain’s nose and sends him slumping on to the floor, but not before his ruined nose sprays a helpful heaping of blood all over Jaques’ latest painting.
[22:53] *ceiring
[22:53] 1d10+3
[22:53] Jaques, 1d10+3: 5 [1d10=2]
[22:53] blah
[22:54] moela, ur not stopping me?
[22:54] cuz I half expected that
[22:54] with the first slap
[22:54] man
[22:54] I was gonna pm with that
[22:54] I was prepared for you to start urinating on your paintings on the spot
[22:54] but I dropped
[22:54] :/
[22:54] I was COUNTING on you to start urinating
[22:54] oh
[22:54] you know
[22:55] I show the man the painting now
[22:55] Shogo_Oshi: oh my fuck
[22:55] it’s the other team
[22:55] Jaques: deliver a line now
[22:56] Well, I guess Sylvain won’t be calling guards to him now. :V
[22:56] I hope you guys realize that Merc said he was watching what the guards were watching, basically. They can still see the room, it’s probably only a matter of time before they notice something’s off. =P
[22:56] acceptable on-liner
[22:56] Wait, shit.
[22:56] stay calm everyone
[22:57] how fast can you put the last 5 minutes sans the punch on endless loo[
[22:57] p
[22:57] t: ask him if he likes it now, performance art is what I do.
[22:57] Rudolf: instantly
[22:57] thank you
[22:58] ok
[22:58] hold up
[22:58] Yeah, that’s really no effort for Mercury.
[22:58] describing
[22:58] Also, no reaction from Shogo? :<
[22:59] seconds
[22:59] describing last sentence
[23:00] ah
[23:00] i hope condolencing means what i think it means
[23:01] kinda
[23:01] perfect
[23:01] why do all these missions line up so perfectly?
[23:01] 1d10+2+3 Notice if applicable
[23:01] Shogo_Oshi, Notice if applicable: 14 [1d10=9]
[23:01] those fuckers just wanted to steal a painting at the same time
[23:01] dem assholes
[23:02] *air moisture
[23:02] motherfucking nemeses,man
[23:02] ah well
[23:03] at least I got to talk artsy
[23:03] oh
[23:03] well shit
[23:03] I thought he’d still be consious
[23:03] me too
[23:03] darn
[23:03] but this is OK too
[23:03] eeerrrm
[23:03] we did some RP
[23:03] it was OK
[23:03] I suspect, guards come in a bit
[23:03] yeah
[23:03] and then call ambulance
[23:03] raise a rockus
[23:04] well
[23:04] what we wanted in the first place
[23:04] hide him under the desk?
[23:04] naw man
[23:04] :3c
[23:04] they saw it
[23:04] on the cameras
[23:04] they saw shit
[23:04] we have merc
[23:04] he magic
[23:04] or that other group took them
[23:04] it already happened
[23:04] not like he can reverse time
[23:04] like fuck he can’t
[23:04] Mercury can MAYBE disable it, but it’d be tough. Like a -6 to the roll.
[23:04] BRING IT
[23:05] Mercury, LET’S FUCKING CRITFAIL: 13 [1d10=10]
[23:05] GUTS
[23:05] MOTHER
[23:05] FUCKER
[23:05] the irony is not lost on me
[23:05] …Jesus.
[23:05] GImme another 1d10
[23:05] 1d10
[23:05] Mercury, 1d10: 7 [1d10=7]
[23:05] sweet ass
[23:05] merc is jesus with a laptop
[23:06] That amounts… exactly to a 9, isn’t it?
[23:06] *doesn’t
[23:06] can hack rsa in 2 seconds and doesn’t afraid of anything
[23:06] No, that amounts to 15, that +3 is WITH the huge penalty. =P
[23:06] Moroii = kinda like a vampire, but its also a ghost. And causes bad luck.
[23:06] * Rudolf is sqealing like a little girl
[23:07] they prob dont show
[23:07] got better things to do
[23:07] 1d10
[23:07] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
[23:07] 1d10
[23:07] 1d10
[23:07] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 8 [1d10=8]
[23:07] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 3 [1d10=3]
[23:07] njaha
[23:07] Alright, proceed with whatever you guys are doing. :)
[23:07] Jaques: we’re kind of done
[23:08] aaahn~ martial arts, dat multiplier
[23:08] Done? :)
[23:08] I find it odd that both Mercs in your games are computer whizzes, Purp. Its like the name carries some kind of template.
[23:08] Shogo puts the painting in the tube, right?
[23:08] That he does.
[23:10] almost wants me to do a matrix-type game
[23:10] Speaking of grammar, my eyes just tossed the painting tube.
[23:12] better than typos
[23:12] man, fuck my typos.
[23:12] * ragnarok has quit IRC (Quit: )
[23:12] Marik has CODE OF HONOUR. This appears to be a japanese matter, and he heard about Shogo’s encounter. Therefore, this is Shogo’s FIELD OF HONOUR, and he must intervene minimally
[23:13] Unfortunately, the odds seem to be 6 to 1. :Vc
[23:13] Well, if they attack Marik, he must respond. Again, Honour. Also, if Shogo invites him to join, he can enter the fight and retain both their honour.
[23:14] He was probably expecting a few ninja’s, one at a time. But, they only have old movies in Poland ;3
[23:15] In 2050, Ninjas are mass-produced in Taiwan.
[23:15] almost like today
[23:16] 16’s where there were 6 ninjas.
[23:16] You thinking of 15 with the broken skylight?
[23:16] shogo
[23:16] yes, I am.
[23:16] you can give them the fakes
[23:17] fake
[23:17] and be done with it
[23:17] but- wait
[23:17] I’m talking to shogo
[23:17] nevermind
[23:18] I think maybe Duck passed out because things were too silly. =P
[23:18] …hahahahah.
[23:18] That’s awesome.
[23:18] I am close
[23:19] to passing out from AWESOME
[23:19] oh man
[23:19] pan-slavic kicking in
[23:19] iseewhatyoudidthere.jpg
[23:19] tell me when I get there so I can put it in auto-hover and drop the ladder
[23:19] Dziadek = Grandfather, his gun. Skurwysyn = literally, son of a whore
[23:19] Marik: Roll me some SHOOTING for this gunfire.
[23:20] I assume you’re backing towards the corridor Shogo is running towards.
[23:20] 1d10+6
[23:20] Marik, 1d10+6: 13 [1d10=7]
[23:20] yep
[23:20] SHOGO.
[23:20] Your path is blocked by six(6) ninjas. WHAT DO YOU DO?
[23:20] purp: can I get a rough outline from where to where team ‘artist’ is going and from where to where team ‘painting’ is going?
[23:20] Rudolf, Jaques: When you reach Hall 17 you see your way towards Room 15 blocked by a Fuckload(fuckload) of ninjas trying to pursue Shogo and Marik.
[23:21] I shoot at one and FLYING DRAGON KICK another.
[23:21] Team Painting is going from Room 17 through Corridor 16 to Room 15.
[23:21] You guys are going north from Administration to 17.
[23:21] goddamn I’m not armed
[23:21] awesome :/
[23:21] rudolf
[23:21] Shogo: ROLL IT.
[23:21] 1d10+4+1-1 Shooting
[23:21] Shogo_Oshi, Shooting: 10 [1d10=6]
[23:21] 1d10+4+2-1 Kicking
[23:21] Shogo_Oshi, Kicking: 9 [1d10=4]
[23:21] PurpleXVI, any windows?
[23:21] …damn, nice. Gimme a dodge, too, no penalty.
[23:21] i /told/ you this would devolve into a firefight
[23:21] 1d10+4+2 Acrobatics
[23:21] Shogo_Oshi, Acrobatics: 15 [1d10=9]
[23:22] Jaques: The corridors connecting the very central-most part of the museum to the Vestibule and Room 17 are glass-walled.
[23:22] Well, it wasn’t *entirely* our fault this time, Mercury. :P
[23:22] it actually wasn’t, but it’s still technically true
[23:22] we did our best, but we should have known
[23:22] 2#1d10+4
[23:22] PurpleXVI, 2#1d10+4: 5 [1d10=1], 7 [1d10=3]
[23:22] Rudolf: that ninjas would rain from the sky?
[23:22] shogo could have given the fakes
[23:23] but he didn’t
[23:23] is there a glass ceiling in room 17
[23:23] corridors connecting the very central-most part of the museum to the Vestibule and Room 17 are glass-walled.
[23:23] we can punch out
[23:23] or use my knife
[23:23] let’s throw art
[23:23] or some pipework
[23:23] 1d8 x4 Gun damage
[23:23] Shogo_Oshi, x4 Gun damage: 7 [1d8=7]
[23:23] describing
[23:23] I still don’t get why that gay was so fucked up about my art
[23:24] because he’s an elitist
[23:24] hipsters, man
[23:24] pff
[23:24] I shoudl’ve entered the room
[23:24] and hit him with a pipe
[23:24] 1d4+2 x3 Martial Arts (if it matters :V)
[23:24] Shogo_Oshi, x3 Martial Arts (if it matters :V): 5 [1d4=3]
[23:24] took a picture
[23:24] and plastered it on a building
[23:25] take*
[23:25] plaster
[23:25] Marik, Shogo: You two are now past the Ninja Blockade of Hallway 16. But you’ve got thirty ninjas after you now.
[23:26] rundolfs version is better
[23:26] Rudolf
[23:26] Yeah, I agree. =P
[23:27] I guess I didn’t notice yours
[23:27] I was thinking about the efficiency of my method
[23:28] so uhm
[23:28] northern garden I guess
[23:28] wait no
[23:28] merc
[23:28] drop me weapons into the western garden
[23:28] Yep, that’s where you are. Unless you smash the other side, then you’re in the Southern Garden.
[23:28] north
[23:29] Marik isn’t completely stupid. He takes partial cover in the doorway while shooting the bastards.
[23:29] We should pull out our dining set
[23:29] and have some tea Rudolf
[23:30] make a throw roll!
[23:30] Rudolf: try saying it IC- and the heli is busy at the moment
[23:30] Jaques: and enjoy the scenery?
[23:30] Shall I roll? Or is it shooting ninja’s in a barrel?
[23:30] The Mookswarm are Ninjas in a Barrel.
[23:30] I don’t understand why there are so many ninjas
[23:31] actually yeah
[23:31] It’s a fad.
[23:31] Excellent. Marik just empties four shots into them, before letting the door get indiana jonesed
[23:31] ninjas should be some sort of rare elite
[23:31] fuckin’ anime ruined it
[23:31] (also others before that)
[23:31] I just want to specify.
[23:31] A ninja or shinobi (???) was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war
[23:31] These guys are NOT wearing faggy Naruto headbands.
[23:31] (but i like to place blame on anime)
[23:31] Is there a fake painting in the tube to give? Perhaps a more important consideration: Do we even think they’ll let us go if we give them the painting? Black Spiders are evil and dishonourable after all. :P
[23:31] …I have an odd temptation to go straight into a brawl with the ninja’s
[23:31] They’re the classic: “Black body-suit”-ninja.
[23:31] But that would be…
[23:31] I know
[23:31] still
[23:32] anger
[23:32] Purp. Are there any sledgehammers in the room? Or anywhere in the building?
[23:32] I love Dan already
[23:32] and hope he will eb a recurring character
[23:32] unless he’s killed
[23:32] miniboss
[23:33] Marik: There are a lot of tools in the room, let’s say there’s a sledgehammer.
[23:33] anyway, we better do something, PurpleXVI, any chance the other side is also made out of glass?
[23:33] It is.
[23:33] Wait, other side of what?
[23:33] The garden?
[23:33] Or the corridor?
[23:33] rooms 11- 12
[23:33] and such
[23:33] :3 His grandfathers signiature weapon. Beyond the gun Marik holds in his hand, right now.
[23:33] There are large windows, but they’re some distance above the ground, it’ll require some climbing.
[23:34] hrmm
[23:34] Rudolf, got climbing?
[23:34] -> *Marik* Tempted to return Dan as a cyborg opponent if he gets killed here.
[23:34] meh
[23:34] even if we make it in
[23:34] it’ll probably be over by then
[23:35] let’s wait it out
[23:35] I chocked on my own spit
[23:35] ambulance
[23:35] callin 911 now
[23:35] ambulances don’t deal with ninjas
[23:35] we should toatally call paladin security on this
[23:35] Shogo: Sword or PUNCH?
[23:35] totally*
[23:35] recon
[23:35] make the call
[23:35] and we’re officially persona non grata on the government
[23:35] Jaques: describing us
[23:35] doing nothing
[23:35] Jaques: do it IC if you want me to
[23:35] Marik: The door or the UP exit?
[23:36] I don’t have a sword with me, being all formal. :V
[23:36] Which is closest?
[23:36] ALRIGHT. Roll your PUNCH and roll a DODGE.
[23:36] 1d10+4+2 Martial Arts
[23:36] Shogo_Oshi, Martial Arts: 12 [1d10=6]
[23:36] 1d10+4+2 Acrobatics
[23:36] Shogo_Oshi, Acrobatics: 7 [1d10=1]
[23:36] Uh, the door is closest right now, but there are kind of FUCKLOADS of ninjas outside. :)
[23:36] Oooooh dear.
[23:36] Oo…
[23:36] 1d10+4
[23:36] PurpleXVI, 1d10+4: 10 [1d10=6]
[23:36] 1d10+8
[23:36] PurpleXVI, 1d10+8: 9 [1d10=1]
[23:36] 1d10 Exploding critfafil
[23:36] Shogo_Oshi, Exploding critfafil: 6 [1d10=6]
[23:36] …
[23:36] 1d10
[23:36] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 1 [1d10=1]
[23:36] ….
[23:36] 1d10
[23:36] PurpleXVI, 1d10: 6 [1d10=6]
[23:36] So.
[23:36] Oh wow.
[23:36] Dan just scored a DOUBLE critfail.
[23:36] >taking the time to take
[23:36] fuck me
[23:36] the fuck
[23:37] We knock each other out or something?
[23:37] Niiiice.
[23:37] Yeah, this is going to take a moment to figure out.
[23:37] Gimme some space.
[23:37] Danis the anti-Lester
[23:37] …Marik is going up against the mob of ninja’s, with gun and hammer. Because I don’t care how stupid it is.
[23:37] * Mercury backs up
[23:37] Marik: because you don’t care how AWESOME it is
[23:38] After this mission I’m investing a tonne of points in Melee- Hammer
[23:39] Also- http://www.cracked.com/article/95_6-web-how-tos-that-are-apparently-supervillains/ my heroes
[23:41] hyped for the conclusion to our eastern interlude
[23:43] …er, shit.
[23:43] Sorry.
[23:43] I just realized I described Shogo as having a sword.
[23:43] Oh, fuck.
[23:43] Guess I nabbed one from a ninja. :V
[23:43] OR THAT.
[23:43] * silvsleep is now known as Silv|Out
[23:43] God, I’m retarded. =P
[23:43] as long as there’s violence
[23:45] Strength-based climb? :V
[23:45] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahwy3-k5mEY I have to get me one of these…
[23:45] Well, either you can climb or Mercury can just take off and lift you with him.
[23:45] 1d10+2+2 Climban
[23:45] Shogo_Oshi, Climban: 14 [1d10=10]
[23:46] 1d10 SUPERCLIMB
[23:46] Shogo_Oshi, SUPERCLIMB: 9 [1d10=9]
[23:46] I was certain this would be where Dicemaid would make me critfail again.
[23:46] it’s crit wednesday
[23:46] * Rudolf hugs Dicemaid
[23:47] Now you’ve jinxed her. D:
[23:47] did the influx of ninjas stop now that the bbeg is done for?
[23:47] Yeah, they’ve stopped multiplying.
[23:48] good
[23:49] can we use this organisational confusion to exfil
[23:49] Team artist is chilling on the lawn
[23:49] yeah, it’s not urgent or anything
[23:49] Yeah, it’s cool, plenty of time.
[23:49] They’ve got like twelve local clans and dojos to debate.
[23:51] wait
[23:51] vitriolic never was here
[23:51] fakenames
[23:52] As far as anyone outside Anarchynet needs to know, the ninjas got away with the painting. :V
[23:52] ah
[23:52] true
[23:53] correct
[23:53] and we were nevfer there
[23:53] we were
[23:53] chilling
[23:53] at the crib
[23:53] we were “engaging in discussion on aesthetics”.
[23:54] inb4 “how do you know that”
[23:54] we happened to see
[23:54] a huge fucking influx of ninja
[23:55] Too late, but I was going to suggest: Say it’s Koichiro Junizumi’s pilot, and you just managed to evac your boss due to ninjas. :V
[23:55] pure, undiluted, ninja
[23:55] there’s a sign on the front: PROTECTED BY ADT SECURITY
[23:55] except Paladin
[23:55] for deterral purposes
[23:55] uhh
[23:55] you’re… knowedgable.
[23:55] who are they to argue
[23:56] “We are not actually employed there, haveaniceday” (get a team over there stat)
[23:57] fuck
[23:57] FUCK
[23:57] URGH
[23:57] * Rudolf hangs self
[23:57] you on a bad roll today?
[23:57] :p
[23:58] What, you think the Black Spiders only have eighy ninjas and a single Shuriken Master? =P
[23:58] 8 hours of work topped off with 3 hours of german class
[23:58] you could say that
[23:58] PurpleXVI: yes4
[23:58] I believe Jaques wanted to roleplay the handoff. Where are you inviting the Sea Wolves to pick it up? Your ship or your warehouse?
[23:58] Ship. I like ships.
[23:59] Also the ship has a helipad, albeit an improvised one.
[23:59] Jaques: You have something special prepared?
[23:59] erm
[23:59] not something big
[23:59] just something I wanted to slip in during the handoff
[23:59] it’s nothing
[23:59] a grenade?
[23:59] I have something I want to say anyway. :D
Session Time: Thu Jan 21 00:00:00 2010
[00:01] Shogo_Oshi: is the wound serious?
[00:01] Nah. Might need another hip replacement, but that’s standard fare at my age.
[00:02] Good, you’ll probably not want me to replace your hip
[00:02] and I probably wouldn’t want to be replacing your hip anyway
[00:04] Jaques: awesome
[00:05] q: is there any reason to believe these boys are not, in fact, sea wolves?
[00:05] Nope.
[00:06] No curiosity about what he meant when he said that? :<
[00:06] I am curious
[00:06] yeah so am I actually
[00:07] Then ask them. =P
[00:07] i just did
[00:07] I am so active
[00:07] HYPER
[00:07] ACTIVE
[00:09] :)
[00:10] Gah, there are so many people on youtube making supervillain esque equipment. All I need to do is build a suit of power armour, and steal some of their designs. I’d never thought other people would be so close though. I need to make my move soon…
[00:10] PurpleXVI: man
[00:11] you a bro
[00:11] What? :D
[00:11] Marik: youtube of 2050
[00:11] Alright, you guys want to hold it here? :3
[00:11] make your own plasmabombs
[00:11] yeah
[00:11] ending scene
[00:11] END SCENE
[00:11] we’re all playing poker and puffing victory smokes on the bridge, playing cards
[00:11] Also, something I’m giong to build Very soon- Plasma speaker. A bit of kit which makes sound waves via an electrical arc. Possibly of doom.
[00:12] Marik, those are awesome
[00:12] So. Any COMPLAINTS?
[00:12] I’m content
[00:12] toooo many ninjas
[00:12] I’m happy violence solved our RP dilemma
[00:12] Ninja’s were fun
[00:12] I wish I got to fight more though :3
[00:12] I liked the snooty hipster
[00:12] * Jaques is now known as Arocalex
[00:12] Marik: wrong attitude
[00:12] * Mercury is now known as recon
[00:13] clean run is good run
[00:13] I bet it was that fucking guy
[00:13] * Marik is now known as Earthflame
[00:13] that wanted the painting stolen
[00:13] * Rudolf is now known as moela
[00:13] fucking has to be
[00:13] I enjoyed it. We almost got through a mission without shooting our way out. :3
[00:13] because he had all artisty shit and only a couple of paintings
[00:13] his
[00:13] * Shogo_Oshi is now known as Emo_Duck
[00:13] whatmore, we didn’t even cause the shooty part
[00:13] as far as I’m concerned
[00:13] clean run
[00:13] flawless.
[00:14] amiright PurpleXVI?
[00:14] (Although I woul have appreciated a notch more action, but in all fairness, I was the one who came to a knife-fight without a gun)
[00:15] just depends on the situation moela
[00:15] sometimes you roll in an action slot
[00:15] sometimes you don’t
[00:15] Yeah
[00:15] I’m content with my role tho
[00:15] gg
[00:15] next one, might be shooty again
[00:15] sure, I’d like that
[00:15] Do we get XP~?
[00:16] Also, is there anything in particular we’re spending the 300 favour on, or can I add 60 to my account? :V
[00:16] Hmmm… 3 XP each. I’ll be nice.
[00:16] keep it in one pot
[00:16] Well, there IS another weapons test coming up on CorpNet.
[00:16] yay, now I’m only I XP shortr
[00:17] 380 favour in the pot right now
[00:17] How much is it to buy a new skill?
[00:17] with how much you guys had left 2 missions ago
[00:17] o
[00:17] let’s wait with the pot right now
[00:17] New skill: 2 points for normal ones, 4 points for special ones. Upgrading a skill: The cost of the new level(or twice that, for special ones). Upgrading a stat: The cost of the new level x 3, no stat can be improved more than 1 beyond what it started out as.
[00:17] let’s discuss what we need over the week
[00:17] I can get two points in HAMMER ;3


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