#TSC is a channel on an IRC server, where I play games. It used to stand for “Total Squad Chaos”, because the first game there was about all players controlling a squad of criminals, and they were to do something, but everybody shot everybody up, the Yakuza went all choppy on the Polacks, the Reds shot an RPG into someone’s car and everyone died over some empty crates. (I understand the GM had quite the laugh about this.)

Nowadays, a game is being played there, with a customized way of purchasing things in unisystem, to give the game a more “Shadowrunny” feel. We purchase said things, and then go on to wreak havoc on the corporate world of a very creative, low-cyberpunk version of Vancouver. It’s very enjoyable. I have a few logs saved, for people who care.

The group consists of a wacky Frenchman artist who happens to be a whiz with knives and being dumb, a grandpa-yakuza-ninja who is great at being old while being badass, an ADHD techie that can hack back in time, (he’s GOOD,) a recently deceased, ressurected and soon-to-be retired Polack Terminator, (a real bro, sad he’s retiring) and my character, a face/medic/demo of mixed european ancestry. I’m pretty content with the group as a whole.


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