The young group

I am currently a in a high fantasy home brew thing.

  • Filip thought the whole shebang up. We have no monster manual, fluff tome or rulebook at hand, so we can’t really judge what the system is like, but he is incredible at improv. He makes no secret out of planning next to nothing and while the traditionalist in me sniffs snootily, he pulls it off with extra-ordinary skill. He also may or may not have made a pact with the devil that allows him to manipulate dice. Any dice.
  • Kubo is the same as in the old group, plus some wrinkles, experience and long hair. Remains true to strong silent types and sees them get hurt horribly by a system that claims to be lethal and turns out to be poetically just in punishing bad characters.
  • Miška is a girl. She plays witches, the sort with brooms.
  • Miška 2 is a girl too.
  • Jolana is a girl too.
  • Dubi is not a girl and he plays DOTA2. He is new to games and doesn’t really know what to do. I hope to form him into a good player.
  • Krutý is cool, he shows up only once every 3 sessions and then only for half a game to later go drinking with Filip, but he is arguably the third most competent man at the table when available. He made a reasonable blind mage character that turned into a shade-form familiar that he still plays. Quite skilled.

All game characters except mine are irrelevant and bad. I wrote a long mail to the group after verbally abusing them at the end of a recent session. I told them all their characters were bad and they deserved to be killed off by dice, fate and GM. This happened twice in a row. They all bowed their heads in shame and agreed. I also told them to pay for my drink.

They did.


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