The painful group

Let me tell you about my then gaming group: The Girl got it together, she’s a foreign med student in here, and has played som oWoD pre-3.0 DnD in her native lands. She didn’t know there was much to RPGan than DnD and oWoD. there’s 5 people now;

  • The Girl; exchange student, chain-smoker, plays rogue. She’s basically cool but likes to leave us to die “because that’s what her halfling would do”. Great stuff. Looked bored. Her character had a backstory and was looking for her brother who was fantasy mafia or something. Suffered from girl-talking-to-DM-syndrome.
  • The Bro; boyfriend of the girl, from out-of-town, chain-smoker, plays Ranger. He’s great, he’s got a good attitude. Doesn’t take things too seriously. By accident made an awesome Ranger, more of a detective than an outdoorsman. Basically he’s the only one who joins me in battles. Least retarded of the group, probably why he was booted by the girl. (Lent his iPhone when things got boring. Great guy. Met him on the bus once a year later, he was nice and well-adjusted as ever. Great guy.)
  • The Progamer; Long hair, glasses, massive knowledge of RPGs, very fun when not in-game. In-game, plays a cleric, is a massive dick about everything. Doesn’t let anyone see his charsheet, except the DM who he knew before this campaign. Often the relevant force in talks with the DM, often not in our favor. Lolragequit. Left us in the middle of his character-specific social encounter. Great guy.
  • The Jerk; your humble narrator. Short, ugly, pale, late, bothers everyone. Likes to scream “great revelations” before they happen. Likes to make long plans that people then ignore. Plays a polite and well-read horc barb, who was such an excellent character that his time shall yet come, in another game. Gets his ass handed to him by the dice every time.

And last, but oh god why;

  • FattyDM; large, neckbeard, makes jokes that would make anyone cringe, when not actively trying to make a joke, he can’t resist the temptation off adding a “witty” comment, or bit of popular culture, preferably without context. Lethally antisocial, needs massive behavior training. Delusions of grandeur. Pure, distilled, pain.

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