The old group

I also had a good old group!

  • Kubo, known him for the most of my life, great guy, massive stopping power. Used to play silent strong types because he couldn’t do any better, but by god, did he know how to play those. One game he essentially aced 2 social encounters with two words. (This was the early days when I didn’t know there was such a thing as social encounters.) He’s the kind of guy you tell to defend an undefendable position and he asks where to stack the corpses after he’s done.
  • Zoran, known him as long as Kubo, he a bro too. Always played mad scientist types, always aced anything science-related IRL. Saved people’s asses in and out of game far too often. Has a peculiar game style to him; often wants small additions in chargen (rational, scientific approach granting fearlessness) then in-game does incredible criticals that murder 3 people in a row and blow a chunk off a bridge with a standard sidearm. Uncannybrutal. He is working towards scientific dominance on the British Isles as I type this and I have not heard a bad word about him whenever he was the topic of conversation since he left. My heart weeps for him.
  • Dalibor, law student, could have rules-lawyered like a pro if he wanted to but didn’t. He chose to be a bro. Very rational about things too, often caused rules changes that everyone agreed with. Also, LARPer. got to know him through a classmate. We go to the same boardgaman club every week.
  • Timo, also a LARPer, knew Dalibor from before the game. Had a great gamist approach to things, knew how to keep things moving, occasional troll. Enthusiastic as fuck when his attention was piqued.
  • Kasiak, excellent in social matters, licensed barman IRL, always played chars that aced anything that involved talking, while making everyone laugh. Had style. Great for saving screwed-up games, bad for keeping good ones intact.
  • Fofo, the creative wunderkind, always played characters that were not quite right. Read Mieville, GM’d a bit, tried his best at steampunk. We go to the same boardgaman club every week.

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