Hello, I am a nerd.

I enjoy games. I always wanted to play some sort of sophisticated “make-believe”, ever since kindergarten. I got into RPGs, wargaming & casual boardgaming, in this order, thanks to my friends, who I asked one day in 2003 or so whether they always had the very specific dream of playing RPGs since kindergarten, but never asked anyone to play out of fear of being ostracized by the other kids. Interestingly enough, they did, and we went on to play. It was pretty great.

I slacked and cheated my way through matura in 2009, but didn’t go to Brno to study like most of my friends. Then, one girl (!) contacted me over the internet (!!) and said she saw my player listing on sup/tg/ (!!!) which was only about a month old, (!!!!) and that she wanted to play some RPGs. I played with her and some other people DnD 3.5 which was terrible and horrible beyond words, mostly because of FattyDM.

And FattyDM is why I started writing this blog. The guy’s horrible. Every single aspect of terribleness you can think of, he’s mastered it. Every single bit of 1970’s prejudice against DnD? He lives it like a method actor. Every single aspect of bad dungeonmastering a seasoned player can think of? Write a checklist and throw it in a fire, don’t waste time checking every point individually. All kinds of horrible things that the Ghost of Terrible Gaming Yet To Come can make you witness in a gamer-oriented parody of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”? You can bet your pasty ass.

There really was no campaign to speak of, we just went to places where we killed things and some of us sometimes had loosely connected social encounters. (By the time the game ended I had not had mine yet ;_;)

I have been asked by people why I did this. The short answer; I’m a masochist. The long answer; In all those years I GM’d, I’ve close to never gotten to be a player. (The exception being KAMB, which was intense.) I read a lot of rules and gaming blogs (preferably those that have a good “don’t take things seriously” attitude,) and always GMs are regarded as some sort of an “upgrade” from players. I’ve always felt like I was lacking the basics. Also anecdotes about terrible GMs. I hoped for this experience, nay, spiritual journey, to provide plenty. Oh and did it provide.

On IRC I think I once called it a barefoot pilgrimage through a land of glass shards and shit, to harden and better myself, but, as others were quick to point out, chances of catching an infection and dying were high.

The game ended in a fiasco, where we all agreed the game was bad and wanted to try something else. I realized there was no way to play with the remaining

I often talk to people about how the olden days were better, if they care to listen.


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