Shit (RPG) girls say

I have played RPG’s with girls only a few times, on a campaign level only twice. The second time of those two is the campaign I am in currently. This is a pretty meager setup for a statistic but all the more fertile soil for observational humor. My point is this: both times there was one girl in the group and both talked in secret to the GM for minutes on end and had some kind of hidden plot/identity thing going.

In general, I find hidden plots to be shitty because they’re hard to pull off well; leaving the rest of the group to stare at their hands while the GM is monopolized is shitty player behavior. The hidden plot itself too tends to be bad and snow-flakey, not to mention contrasting strongly with a group that doesn’t have hidden backgrounds. (A game with every PC having a hidden story seems decent enough though, everyone would have to suffer the pauses so courtesy and briefness would be cultivated in time.) The GM should have an activity ready for the waiting rest of the group on hand.

Being the comedic mastermind wunderkind that I am I pointed this coincidence out to my current group after the game, (you don’t shit on a GM’s game while it’s going,) and while the 2 bros agreed with me along the proposed “Women, amirite?” line, the girl had an interesting revelation in response: The hidden thing was actually not her idea.

As it turns out, the GM suggested this hidden thing that was still yet to be revealed to me IC or OOC, because the girl couldn’t decide on anything for a backstory. Her character is a simple half-elf thief (elves being an actually dying race in this game, systematically eradicated by the undead forces that by now control most of the civilized world) barely skirting around the snowflake area, but never dwells on herself. Not skilled in anything, failing to do basic thief-work, not carrying around lockpicks. (For real.) The GM even arranged for her to be my “apprentice” against both our wishes IC. It’s a very animu group dynamic. I later asked her for the hidden stuff because I trust myself enough not to use it in a way that is harmful to the game. she was reluctant, but in the end told me there actually was no hidden backstory.

Her backstory, she told me, was non-existent. What she had, was a talking sword that we all saw/met once IC. She didn’t go into detail about that, implying there was no details to be had. She might be playing me, but her story seems reasonable. She said she wanted to grow the character with the story, an approach that I like, but still recommend having SOME starting point. This fits in well into the apprentice/uselessness schema; my character was an aging burglar by the time he got killed and now that he’s a free, albeit undead, man, he’s relishing in being able to hide with no pulse or breath to mess up his operation.

So tell me internet, is this really a thing girls do?


~ by fatrpgdongs on 19/01/2012.

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