I like Lady Blackbird

I have never played it but I am pretty sure it’s awesome.

Let me tell you about the canon in the game; there is a little map, a few vague words on every bigger clump of rock on the map and a scale drawing of a monster, your ship, and the ship that has eaten your ship.

The characters get more description than the setting. This is already a sign that the GM will be doing only as much as the players will have to. There’s traits that you use and tags that correspond to traits. They don’t go into detail what they mean; “Warrior; shooting” is pretty straightforward but what about “Ghostblood; electrical dominate”? Is it electroshocks? Does it open electrical locks? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

There is no mechanical “damage”. If you fail, you (or the ship) might check off a state like “angry” “injured” or “presumed dead”, but there’s no mechanical repercussions, except the dubiously small problem of having to roleplay your character.

Everything in the game is supposed to come together organically. The GM just keeps asking questions and the players have to do what would normally be done during GM prep time. It’s pretty wild.

Also of note is Old Messilla, a wild west variant where players are not working towards a common goal (saving Lady Blackbird,) but some are up to kill Billy the Kid, while others want to save him.

I want to play some games again. I should whip Kasiak to do some organizing.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 14/08/2010.

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