Of drunk Samurais at parties.

The hours between 15:00 on 7.8. and 15:00 8.8, I was at a bros party. I met folks I didn’t meet for a whole year and my entire old group was there. There was little talk of traditional games, but around lunchtime, people started telling me how they’d like to game sometime.

First off, I did what I wanted to do ever since I read a wonderful thread on gaming night organization on /tg/ and told them, that “I was the GM, I did all the work and prep, they just showed up with a charsheet (which they probably forgot it or I had it) and weren’t completely high (which they probably were anyway)” and that “From now on, organization is delegated, and I’ll join the mass of people who never clearly state they will be at a given time in a given place”. It felt great, the delegated person was shocked and baffled by me telling him to fucking do something for his enjoyment and that even boosted the feeling of well-being.

As a nerd, I didn’t feel quite comfortable in my skin going to a party without some shower gel, shampoo,  my hairbrush, some extra clothes, dice and my beloved LL softcover. I didn’t really think we’d play, but I liked the prospect of having something to read and maybe even have DM tools for the potential party. This was an unrealistic hope; even 0e has a lot of stuff I can’t keep in my head, combat charts, monster stats, etc. The chances of playing 0e as a pick-up game in a gaming enviroment are fairly good, but not at a party where the mood is lax and well, set on partying.

Now I do have a special place in my heart for rules-light games, because deep inside I truly believe there is a way to simulate life and figure out how to win at it, but I’d prefer my simulation and walkthrough to be concise. So imagine my delight, as we’re leaving for the bus in the final 30 minutes of the allocated party time and I get to run a quick game of Samurai RPG.

I didn’t actually remember how samurai RPG worked. I knew it had this wonderful sentence in it “there is only one stat on your entire charsheet, skill. It’s 0-100.” Go read the actual rules on 1d4chan, I only had my creativity and a phone stopwatch as a d10. I ran with the following:

Samurai have 30+1d10 skill. Non-samurai have 1d10. In combat, both combatants roll 1d100. Anyone who rolls under his skill, succeeds and gets to either disarm or kill the other. Disarmed opponents only get killed. Losing face is worse than death.

That’s it.

I was nervous about having a plot handy, I had this tingling I always get before pushing my showman abilities, like when I’m about to take a stage unprepared. A bro was wearing a metallica t-shirt with some lightning bolts, so I told myself, “storm elemental messing with village”. This was my ammo, general unpreparedness was my forest and lack of gaming was my enemy. I also had my kinda gay bro Kasiak around, with a kazoo that I tried to use as a sort of interlude thing, that played in the background while I delivered GM text, kabuki-style. It didn’t work too well, but I liked the idea.

My players consisted of Fofo, the metallica guy, and my main bro. As expected, everyone went on to do bullshit and mostly we just had improv fun running from stupid situation to stupid situation. Chargen was quick, my main bro was a bland boring samurai, Fofo was a drunk samurai with a bloody blade, the metallica guy had a simple samurai, but really, he was the closest to what I wanted those fags to play. Someone interjected “so, you all meet at a tavern”. We laughed, and I rolled with it.

“That’s right. You’re in a tavern. Why is that?”

See what I did there; I DELEGATED THE WORK. They start shit, they gotta creatively get out of it. The drunk guy had his excuse. The others? Less so. “We were drinking.” That was as good an answer as any. “Fine, so you get the bill. You have no money.” CONFLICT. The metallica guy was laid back, just pointed at my main bro. The drunk guy acted piss drunk. Resolution? Metallica tells main bro he gotta work it off, cleaning dishes. YOU INSULTED HIS HONOR, YOU CAN’T LOSE FACE. “Shit yes, duel.” Both disarmed. I was not sure how well this would count in matters of keeping face, but I realized I didn’t want them to off each other, especially not in a lengthy dice battle. We all agreed that machismo was presented, faces were preserved. The third samurai was OK with all this. Main bro did the dishes.

We arrived at the bus.

This is how you create a tiny, bite-sized session with no prep whatsoever, a non-smartphone phone for dice and a hatred for life. Also, metallica guy got to play his first RPG. It was a good intro I think. We should tell him about the real-life magic you learn at level 5, later on.

You know, you can probably extract the valuable stuff better than a summary and I want to write more shitposts.


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