/tg/ posts are a the only literary genre I’m comfortable with

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Good day /tg/

Upstart monarch returns to his uncivilized shitty frozen shithole north homeland, unites it and starts doing a fair job at innovating the place. On one hand he sets up schools, sets up a non-retarded agricultural reform and generally tries to get nomads to settle down and stop being illiterate inwarring fucks.

On the other he goes straight down the “oh no we played god” pitfall. In a stroke of genius, he sets up the mad necromancer he used to travel the south with, with a huge budget to create a literal “dead hand” system.

Beautifully anachronistic lab-bunkers get set up every few miles along the border, and while we’re at it, let’s create a second, tighter line. The plan is, if someone manages to breach a sector, the respective tower goes on-line and raises the dead, preferably in a dirt-colored environment reminiscent of STALKER. Optionally, those of the magical persuasion or those of weak will join the ranks of the newly formed defense force straight away, cutting the middleman, who in this case is death.

At this point I’m not sure what could be done with this as a plot seed. PCs are invading army, PCs are defending army, PCs are random bystanders during war, PCs are random bystanders who happen to be near when the thing malfunctions OR and this is my personal favorite: PCs are troubleshooters investigating malfunctioning (OR ARE THEY?@!?) towers and end up in the medieval equivalent of Delta Green.

P.S: I came up with this shit minutes ago under the shower, combining the nightmares yesterday’s “creepy shit to put in your games” thread caused, (number stations, shit yes,) the brain scorcher and my ambitious and doomed to die horribly DnD character from a campaign long dead.

>> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)10:40 No.10734040


Oh final note: I just felt like releasing this, no editing and all. /tg/ is the only proper outlet for this manner of crap. Feel free to ignore, cool story bro, etc.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 25/06/2010.

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  1. Cool story bro.

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