Ditch dat shit

I ditched my group! I finally got to a point where their bullshit was unsurmountable and decided never to come back. Allow me to recap the last month.

The Bro broke up with The Girl. It seemed weird, but even she said it was a clean surgical separation, no drama. I mailed him about it, he kept a polite professional tone, explained she acted whack, something about relationships. Anyway, that left me with only the kender-lover and the Neckbeard. I at least wanted to finish this campaign, so I asked how many sessions to wrap it up.

“One, tops.”

Can you be disappointed when you expected failure? I honestly don’t know. But at least the end is nigh, so let us run towards the edge; we tell the DM we want out ASAP, he is, begrudgingly, OK with that.

We exit the sidequest town we spent most time in, go north, reach city where we were told the Rogue’s brother is. I don’t even remember if he became a mafia lord or medieval FBI or got hunted by either. Or all of the above, that would actually be pretty hilarious. We don’t have any leads on where the guy is in the town, so we go to the tavern, seeing as there’s no sanctioned thieves guild.

What follows is quite the point-and-click; we ask tavernkeep, he tells us about bandits in tavern, we follow them through town up to point in forest where they mount up on horses, we can’t follow. We return to tavern, give tavernkeep money he points us to townhouse. We search townhouse, completely empty. Cellar has hidden jail in it. On cell has a bear, one her brother. He doesn’t want to talk either, he’s just being a smartass, like all jailed hostages deprived of food and light and clothes. I can’t take this shit, rogue takes over talks, confirms identity, game end.

Thank fuck there was booze. Only halfways decent thing about that session.

We didn’t decide on what everyone wanted to play, I listed literally all /tg/ homebrews, special focus on Viral’s games, 2 gigs of RPG folder and some mentions. No-one agreed on anything for two weeks, because nobody was capable of playing anything other than threeeeeeee point fiiiiiiiive. I’ve grown to hate post 2nd-ed DnD. Fantasycraft was suggested. I asked /tg/, they said it was a rules-heavier 3.5. So yeah, NO.

Out of jest I suggested V:tM on week three. Surprisingly all showed interest. I asked whether there were character ideas; none for girl, SWAT angel of vengeance for Neckbeard. Brainstorming reveals Girl has great interest in a any character concept that would blatantly violate the masquerade. “Let’s call it a night.”

I think there might have been one more session where nothing was decided and the Neckbeard wanted to add another guy he knew who played 2 campaigns already. I guess I couldn’t take the thought of GMing for experienced players again, having never played the game.

I sent a mail citing “personal reasons”, NEVER TO RETURN.


Now I’m without a group, wondering if this is better than having a bad group. I’m OK with this right now, I’ve failed to get an IRC game together but OK with that too. I think I could do with a break right about now.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 18/05/2010.

4 Responses to “Ditch dat shit”

  1. It is definitely better than having a bad group.

    Right now I’m dealing with not playing at all because I’d rather not play much at all than play with disinterested players. I’m trying to set up a campaign over google wave though, hopefully it’ll be faster than forum play by posts, google wave has the potential.

    I don’t have the solid schedule required to play over IRC, ever, even in summer, sadly.

    • If I wasn’t so afraid of ruining something beautiful, (and also wasn’t painfully aware how different our views on games might be,) I’d start jewing you about a spot in one of your games.

      Le sigh. Will have to wait for an army of clones to have a good game I’m not fanatically afraid of ruining.

  2. Our views on games might not be so different. Maybe you could sit in and watch something on Google Wave. I’m currently running a solo game for one of my players on G-Wave. If you’re ever interested just let me know (I sent you a google wave invitation just in case) and I’ll add you to that game. It’s kind of sloppy on my part (I’m normally much more OCD about everything I write in my games) but it’s more or less how I tend to GM, though it also varies with setting, with what I think I can get out of the players, etc. I’m a pretty flexible person, though a lot of people misconstrue me as always running “anime” games for some (infuriating) reason.

    • Hum. Well, you’ve opened the door, so don’t mind if I watch for a bit. Also, you had me at “G-Wave”. (Turns either into a giggle or a joke about sounding young and urban.)

      I have no idea how Wave works, I’m looking forward to having reason to use it.

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