I DM’d a bit. Shit yes. Part 2.

I GM’d more of the S&W QS.

The bard didn’t show up, but another bro of mine was available, so ORGANISATION SUCCESS. Also, he took up the role of Jožko Arnold after rolling a char with 4 “-1” attributes.

I thought I’d put the treasure in the room only accessible after beating the frog lady. Players decided to “first explore the other half of the dungeon before venturing deeper in”. God, I love these people.
In continuation of the “Jožko opens doors and goes first” rule, players wanted him to be first to brave anything. I was cool with that, gave him xp for each door he went through first. The first two rooms were empty, which made me giggle. Then, ants.

There were two ants, a 2HD worker that got like, 11 hp and a 3HP fire warrior, with about 15, not to mention 1d6/1d4 poison. The dorf failed a saving throw, got knocked unconscious. Got instantly saved, didn’t object to drinking the potion they thought was healing, since, y’know. He was unconscious.
The players were pretty creative: The dorf is short, so one can throw things over him: relevant in tiny corridors. They cut off the ants antennae, and fiddled around with their legs. The killing blow was styled to be a flip on the back with spear to belly. Great stuff.
In this context, Shmio earned the prestige class “Entomologist”, for knowing his stuff. After the battle, he extracted the venom sack from the ant, players got poison for one attack. Interesting: I decided to give the weapons the same effect as the fire ant poison; ST 1d6/1d4. After one successful hit, it wears off. Shmio wanted to dip his darts in the poison. 10 darts, now with 1d3+1d4/1d6 damage. That’s a 2-7/2-9 range! On par with greataxes!

The players met the goblins in the big room, challenged the best goblin against the best adventurer, one-hit the bugger. Wordless and panic-stricken they let them pass. That was cool, also, the party’s champion was Hroghtar or whats-his-name and he roleplayed a bit.

One big empty room later, the party triggered a pit trap. Shmio failed saving throw, took 6 full damage, instant -1 hp. This was an interesting point in the game; I originally wanted orld-school lethality. But right now: Nothing but two utterly random rolls decided fate. It was gay. FattyPlayer was a douche about this.


I went on to tell players that it is an accepted thing that dead adventurer’s shares get sent to their families. No “lolmoreloot” bullshit. Also, in the end, after flipping two coins and some Dorven CPR, Shmio awoke with half his xp.  Losing the second flip would’ve meant losing 6 attribute points too, but I wasn’t really content with this either.

What I learned; dying is not fun. Particularly when it’s “lolfailedroll”. Yes, they should’ve been checking for traps, but that’s no excuse to kill off an adventurer. It’s interesting, I’m defending players in an old-school game. In summary; boring deaths are boring. If the PC bit the dust during something meaningful in a meaningful way, I’d not object.

After that, they took some wacky random mushrooms, gave them to goblins for testing. Two succeeded their checks, one fell over dead. UNISON SCREAMING, THROWING ARMS UP AND FLEEING!
At this point, I kinda decided what I wanted goblins to be; kinda nervous, sneaky gits, mostly a comedy relief, where death doesn’t matter that much. I’m really going for the 40k gretchin vibe here.

The players follow them later, find them with the other group of goblins. The shaman casts charm on Shmio. Awesometymes; Shmio roleplayed “he knew the fellow, uh, you know, from the walks of life… Say friend, what are you doing down here?” And the goblins were safe and questgivers. (I want this Shaman to be a recurring character, you don’t just give up on stuff like this.)

the goblins wanted to explore the dungeon, but there were scary statues in the next room. I had almost nothing prepared. They promise to help, go in. I now have to make up 6 statues/NPC’s and why the goblins are afraid of them. GM ADRENALINE SURGE.

The first one to talk was  a kind thief, being a gentleman, asking about how the adventurers are, hinting at great interest in the world above. They ask what’s up with the goblins, and my “old man” personality kicks in; meet the grumpy wizard. He died with his buddies 300 years ago, got impaled by goblins. HE MAD YO. Also, a lady paladin wanted to hear stories, and the players didn’t need more, since they already got the message; the statues wanted out.

3 days later; there’s 6 statues in the town square, under a gazebo roof. They pay handsomely for transport and facilitation. I think we stopped here.

None of the players had 1000+ xp yet. Kinda worried, but no-one complained, people said they had a good time. I’m happy with this so far! My group is having fun, I’m not screwing things up too badly and I’m kinda fascinated by oldschool DnD. I don’t think anyone can ever play “serious fantasy” again, after Drizzt and LotR have been done to death, their offspring has inbred to death, and now fantasy is in a genetic dead-end. By specifically trying to recreate 1970’s atmosphere, I avoid making this “serious” fantasy and keep the atmosphere light and fun.

I’m so content.


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