I DM’d a bit. Shit yes.

Hell yes.



Say it out loud, with me. Yes.

I’ve had a lot of fun tonight. I DM’d the S&W quickstart, or at least 5 rooms of it; the thing was great. The players were in the spider room, survived flawlessly, then went straight for the frog lady. I toned the defenses down, only 1 skeleton, I wanted to have her create one per undisturbed turn, but the players broke through all defenses and threw a flask of oil for 11 damage. everything went insane fast and awesome.

The group was composed of the Bro, playing Osirius the bard, FattyDM who needs a new nickname, playing Thog Hammerstout, needless to say Dorf Fighta and from my OLD group, what gave me strength and courage, Kasiak, playing Shmio the thieeeef, and last but not least, The Lawyer starring as “Twothgar” the fighta.
Your humble narrator GM’d. Yesss.
Also, somehow, a hireling rolled better stats than most PC’s, got christened Arnold Jožko, got his 2gp/day and went on to brave the darkness with torch and sword. I hope he’ll get a good position in the future.

I loved the “guardian” room, 6 skeletons were just right to make the 4 players sweat, lose half their points and get creative with everything. The thief was in a deadlock with a skeleton for most of the battle, one skelly lost his head before rising, players were awesome. Ultra-kudos there.

Only thing that got on my butt; the Lawyer didn’t roleplay that much. Most stuff that happened happened during combat, but he was very analytic about things, others went in and did shit while he chose to conservatively stick to basic attacks. I would have preferred a more “balls-out” approach.
In fact, my second objection is one towards myself. At this point, players have 415, 275, 235 and 250 XP, and I wonder if that was right. I didn’t account for XP bonuses based on primary stats, opting to rather lower level limits, but I’m not sure whether I was dealing the stuff out in right proportions. I gave XP for every kill based on the challenge level chart in page 92 of the CR, plus stuff for good roleplaying and other things. (500 exp for the bard not yet counted, he drove me home after the game, Arnold got a pity 170. He cowers every second turn, but hey, he’s not being paid for this shit.) This way, the whole dungeon would probably kick everyone up to level 2, provided we play next time, but my oh my, these points are earned in blood. If this goes on, I’m not sure how to handle higher level parties, I’ll have to put dragons everywhere so they can get close to the next level.

I also seem to have forgotten giving the players the loot from the crazy frog lady. Bad stuff, I guess I’ll mail Kasiak to get it next time, there was a lot of gold there.

I liked the way even FattyDM played his dorf fairly well. His dice screwed him over 3 kinds of bad, but he certainly tried.

Man, I can’t wait for next week.

Sidenote; if you’re from my group, don’t read any of this. (If you do, don’t look for materials on the dungeon, I WILL SMITE YOU AND BURN YOUR CHARACTER SHEET)


~ by fatrpgdongs on 26/03/2010.

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