Hallucinating on the terror-train; A WH40K RPG

As I go into some detail at the end, this game is a product of a delusional hallucination. Do you sometimes have a dream where you write or read a book and you think it’s the hottest shit possible, then you wake up and try to remember details and it just doesn’t work? This was like that.
The difference is, I wasn’t actually asleep. I like to think of my train-rides as a sense-depriving isolation chamber. Maybe this half-sleep, allowed the dreams to be only half-murky.This is the product, as imagined in my head how the pdf would read like.

First, make up a chapter. You get to give it one specialty for free, after that, you can add more on a 1-for-1 basis with negative things.

i.e. The Beemarines, descendants of the Angry Marines.

+ Very mobile
+ Good in CC
– Bad at entrenching and defending

Then, players are to make units as their characters. 2 “good things” for free, after that, 1-for-1. Good things can be either specialties or “The Emperors Mercy”

i.e. Grandpa Mellis, dreadnought (1 mercy)

+ Rally Beacon
+ Double Flamers
– Aging

Brother-Sergeant Capitagium, leader of a Terminator squad (0 mercy)

+ Relic “Wasp” Chainfist
+ Precision-gib ‘Porters
+ Brother-Cook Gaius, wielding a heavy flamer
– All Angry All the Time!

Initiate Captain Praetorus, leader of a Scout team. (2 mercy)

+ Invisible
+ Decisive Sniper
– Predisposition for “getting too close”
– Far too light armor

Every unit is to keep track of “awesome”. When a unit acts properly space-marine-like, they get a point of awesome, the theme song is sung in the background, sky is ablaze. When a unit fails, it loses a point of mercy in a shameful display of weakness. When a unit has no mercy left, it loses all it’s awesome and can expect disciplinary measures.

The GM has “threat”. He adds 1 to the “threat” every time a player fails and every third time one succeeds. If a unit of marines gained a point of awesome during combat that would conclude in a new point of threat, the player may decide to forfeit their point, plus another one, in favor of negating the threat, in a display of great piety and humility.

The resolution mechanic is just like in PTA; for every plus you use in your description of battle, you gain a card. For every minus, you get to refresh a point of mercy at the end of resolution. The GM gets a card for every point of threat in battle, but he should justify the points with a description. It is generally assumed the marines rush further and further into the heart of the enemy.

In general, the game is a standoff between the total of awesome gathered by the SPEHHS MEHREENS and the threat, trying it’s best to take control of the battlefield and consequently, the whole planet. The necessary ratio needed for victory should be based on the number of players. Three players pitted against a GM would probably want a  3:1 ratio and the GM should probably get 3 points of threat at the beginning.

This game could be easily played on an imageboard; the chapter is decided by people throwing around wild guesses, whatever gets a vote in favor goes. Of course this is prone to samefags screwing with the votes. If they want to cheat themselves by being attention-whores, let ’em.

Then, whomever wants to play picks a preferably unique name, and namefags away. (Maybe tripfags? I like to believe /tg/ wouldn’t fuck with a good game, what with all those terrible quest threads going on right now.) The GM presents the players with the odds, lets players go all SPEHHS MEHREEN on them. Cards can be substituted with coins, coins with 1d2 dice.
People who join mid-thread might be deployed as as part of a drop pod reinforcement, or just show up mid-battle, making a nice intro for themselves.  The threat max can be upped by, say the new amount of players.

note; “awesome” does not have to be CLEANSE PURGE KILL, ALL ANGRY ALL THE TIME. Some chapters distinguish themselves by being clever; “just as planned” pre-heresy 1k Sons,  the civilian-defending Salamanders… Having a unique flavor is a good thing.

authors note; this all, and a bit more came to me in a delusional half-sleep in a train. It even had a pretty good Beemarine battle, very much in the tradition of the DoW intro movie. It was pretty great, they broke through a necron assault, weak IG forces told them there’d be artillery support for anyone willing to flank a necron wave, players went SHIT YES, were told the position they were covering was to be attacked by a particularly strong tide, transports were only usfficient for either civilian refugees or marines. NO COMPROMISES the dreadnought STOOD HIS GROUND while terminators and scouts flanked/TELEPORTED INTO THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE, spat on the broken necron lords face, got beamed up.
Implications were that the beemarines were on to take a goddamn tomb world from the inside, maybe even make it a homeworld, but this was enough awesome for one train ride.

further addendum; This game might be a one-shot one-trick pony, but hey, “3:16” got good reviews with about the same amount of stuff.


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