The #TSC that was not meant to be

After me being one of 2 people missing a game and then a game getting re-scheduled, we met on a simple Saturday, ready to get that #tsc. It was not meant to be.

Most of us came early, some expected a pingback but didn’t get one but generally things were looking glum on the GM’s side. He explained he hit a mental wall, “wasn’t feeling it”. I don’t want to say the ugly word, especially not in the context of my good IRC GM, Purp, but I think we can agree he had burnout.

We all have burnout on occasion; ChattyDM does. He even sometimes gets depressive phases that he blogs about in a very reasonable, scientific way. My personal little RPG downward-spiral began with a burnout. It was very much like Purp’s: I “didn’t feel” my zombie game anymore. We were conveniently at the end of a longer “campaign”, I asked for a hiatus, maybe whether someone else wanted to step up into the GM’s seat. (It ended fairly badly, but it was a cooperative effort.)

What I’m saying is, it’s a natural thing; GM’s can’t crank out stuff for years with no end. Gygax was known to be superhuman, he doesn’t count. GM’s need extended breaks where their brains, otherwise squished dry of inspiration, can soak up some new ideas, rework old ones, have spiritual journeys in combination with impressive introspective camera-montages and generally get shit back on track.

If you’re feeling tired, take a rest. If your GM needs a rest, don’t push him, this is not a sweatshop.

Everyone take a swig in honor of our great campaign. That and some classy indefinite hiatus music.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 15/03/2010.

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