A /tg/ post that was not meant to be. Posted.

We walked down some corridors, killed something, walked down more corridors, tried to roleplay a teensy bit but thankfully got stopped by another GM story. Then we met 6 enemies in a 3×3 squares room, which also had a weapons locker, 4 beds and a table in it.

They didn’t have names, we made a point out of forcing the DM to make something up, since he gave us some retarded name for the BBEG, something with an apostrophe. On a sidenote, one of the guys tried to run past us. 3 people, standing in front of a door, in a 3×3 room, full of random shit, and we were to roll reflex to stop him.

“Do you want to play by the rules or not?”

Man. Then we tied them up, sans one which we tied up and had walk in front of us. He led us to the “exit”, which was guarded by the BBEG. cliffhanger ending.

This game needs a coat-hanger ending.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 15/03/2010.

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