A brief intermission, in which 2 sessions are quickly summarized

I did not write down last weeks session report, because it was actually a very enjoyable game. The rundown is, after the horrible randomly generated dungeon (pre-previously, on fatrpgdongs) ended, there was a boss-fight. Said boss-fight went on endlessly, us just chucking that ol’ d20 around, waiting for something to happen, finally killing it. the floor then started to tremble and once again, unconsciousness was used as a plot device to move us around. (On the lower level, we tried our best forensics to determine what the magical urn was, but our every attempt being completely useless, the horc took a leak on it for being a terrible attempt at a plot device and left.)

Next session, (the better one,) we explored a fairly decent “good water goddess temple”-themed dungeon, (which strikes me as an oxymoron,) in which we;

  • tinkered with a magic sink that turned water into holy healing water
  • tamed a water elemental by handing him some of the water
  • solved a tiny lever puzzle, which everyone saw as an obvious video-game thing but appreciated nevertheless
  • got beaten around by gushing waves, while trying to retrieve some sort of magic shell/shield

The dungeon was prepared beforehand and the elf had a blast drawing the map, even through his inability to keep up with the often very bizarre room designs. It was a pleasure to look at him, trying to make a proper document. I would’ve showered him in XP.

We also had a little bit of RP when I hit the rogue after running into a trap in a supposedly “checked” corridor. She then refused to go along until we struck a truce. She still keeps jewing the shell/shield though.

At this point, gametime was closing to an end, and someone mentioned I never got to GM that one kobold game during the holidays and was to do it next session, in lieu of a regular game of DnD.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 26/02/2010.

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