In lieu of a play report; the absence of a play report

I have not played anything IRL in the last few months, and writing about IRC gaming with nice people is not as fulfilling as my usual rage-filled extremist hate-posts. I’m told that writing the bad thoughts  down makes them go away, so here I am, making you feel bad, so I don’t have to.

One thing I did was encounter the word “neoclassical gaming”. Let me tell you, I hate change. And I hate new things. Rebranding counts too, even more because skub. Apparently it means “retro-clones gaming” and I like that. I like Swords & Wizardry, it’s a nice little Chainmail (DnD 0.5, 1974) and I read the 2nd printing and the whitebox. They didn’t break anything I liked, so it’s OK.

I inquired further, and it turns out, some other folks have thought about something like this too. The more prominent title is Labyrinth Lord, the lesser known Basic Fantasy (both Red Box, 1983) and both have some interesting additions. For one, red box has some rules about attributes; suddenly everything is somehow relevant. Strength gives tohit and damage, dex gives tohit for ranged, intelligence decides whether one can read… It’s more fleshed out that S&W.

If I were to choose, I’d probably use the S&W ooffice file and houserule the fuck out of it, with redbox as a primary resource. It’s a lot like a more experienced bro making good suggestions that you might use, but hey, it’s not like anyone’s forcin’ ya.

I also read a lot about 40k. I read the interesting codexes, (Humanity fuck yeah, chaos, orks,) re-read Hark Deresy, read the Inquisitors Handbook and most importantly the Radicals Handbook. Christ. Let me tell you about the Radicals Handbook, it is BEAUTIFUL. Let me tell you about sororitas; they are the most uptight, emprah-worshipping bitches in the GALAXY, matching only the faggiest  BLAM

Ahem. Anyway, the Radicals book offers a great way to make sororitas nicer; the Witch. You get a bit of taint on you, get excommunicated from the others and should now be feeling bad, while getting burnt alive. But suddenly, the inquisition!
I love xanthists so much. The idea t use chaos against chaos is so pretty, and they even believe they can stay pure while doing it! I wuv them so much. Oblationists believe the same thing, but admit they’ll get tainted as fuck and spend the rest of their days being emo. (Excluding the times when they are dishing out chaos, they’re probably pretty awesome in those times.)

The character section also had one great guy, who apparently found some magical power armor somewhere, he didn’t want to tell anyone where he got it and is now on a cruise through the galaxy, with a bunch of completely corrupted blokes. Also, the man has the most dapper moustache I have seen in the 41st millenium.

I’ve read some 1d4chan writefaggotry too, the Life and Death of Johnny Fuklaw is excellent, go read it. Also, Bjorn the Fell Handed is great too. Man, /tg/ is a better repository of stories than canon. And while we’re at it, some of it even became canon.

On friday I’ll have another game, providing people don’t forget. Then there’ll be more skub, for you, WORSHIPPING MASSES, HANGING ON TO MY EVERY WORD, IT ISN’T SAD, BECAUSE I AM LAMPSHADING IT


~ by fatrpgdongs on 03/02/2010.

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