Using the Inter-Net to game (or, how I actually enjoyed myself for a change)

Long story short, I played a game over IRC. The system was Unisystem, the era was contemporary (vague future, but without hopes for flying cars,) The GM was Purp, and I had a blast.

The operation was about rescuing some guy the group had already rescued once, before I joined the game. He apparently got his ass into more trouble and was held on a ship. Honestly, when I tell you what happened, it doesn’t sound like it could fill 4 hours, but it did, and it was all awesome.

After meetin up with the bros and having some unexpectedly not-awkward pleasantries with the established group, the group’s new, son-to-be-named ship left port and went to the target. Me and the Soviet Terminator (who happens to be a Polack and drink a lot of booze,) went overboard with some explosives, while the others kept acting like they were an unmanned ghost ship. A boarding party joined the dry team, there were 3 ties in initiative the first time combat started, between 3 of our boys and 3 of their. Mexican standoffs as far as the eye could see, some incredibly awesome katana-wielding, (note to self, this is the first katana-user in an RPG tha is not completely horribly awkward!) and the team hacker going “LOL NOOB FAG!” and finishing off some guy who apparently lost a game of BF5942 to him the day before. (“That’ll teach him to call me a wallhacker”.)

There was also an intense scene where one of the boarding spec-ops kept rolling double-criticals on dodge, and he turned out to be the nemesis of our Yakuza sword-wielder. Cheesy kung-fu lines all around, it was great. I think he got away in a poof of plot-magic.

At some point during the fighting on deck of our provisorically named “Tuna”, me and the Polack blew a hole in the engine room, more fighting on deck, we entered, met two techies, one of which was clever and dropped to his knees when he was supposed to, the other dove for cover and lost an arm to a shotgun blast. Not clever. More fighting on deck, then we get to the brig, meet Mr. Smith, who is drugged out of his mind on truth-serum, the Polack loots the armory, we hear descending steps, make a run for it, dropping our second bomb somewhere closer to the centre of the ship and outswim the underwater blast by just a hairwidth, like we’re some action-movie hero’s. Felt good, man.

We then went on to swig booze, sinking Maple Leaf in the background. Shit was massivelly cash.

On an educational note, I confirmed what I assumed about IRC gaming, namely that it takes much longer to do something than IRL, but the fun is roughly equivalent. Also, the GM happened to keep dice-rolling to combat, so everything else went perfectly smoothly, with minimal exceptions.

Man. Can’t wait for next wednesday.

P.S: The whole thing is also logged. The IC channel is more fun. Interestingly, it didn’t log name prefixes, oh well.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 14/01/2010.

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