Ideas you get in the bathroom

Let me tell you about a seasonal job; at the local chocolates factory they’re doing overtime to make a lot of cheap pralines this month, so they hire basically anyone with the iron will to sustain packing chocolates or folding paper boxes for 12 hours straight.

I am one such person.

Besides defective yokels and tightly knit groups of conveyor belt women there’s noone to talk to, so I basically hold my mouth shut for 12 hours, two days out of three days and then break down on my mattress. During the 12 hours my mind wanders. Today it made up a Hark Deresy session;

PCs are sent to investigate plague on a civilized world turning forge, possibly Nurglite works. Much detail is to be  given to the massive conveyor belts that stretch seemingly endless in the war factories. (No doubt, you see what I did there.)

An interesting personality is the local governor, who remains in power thanks to birthright even against an overwhelming Mechanicus influence, and who seems to have picked up a habit of collecting beautiful parts from lowly people, on whom they would be wasted. The PCs never meet him in the same form, he should start out with simple changes, like eye color, and later meet the PCs with completely different hands and nose and whatnot. He also has his personal chirurgeon as a right hand man.

These guys are both completely corrupted by Slaanesh. At first they will provide whatever necessary to the inquisition, to purge the planet of the plague, which indeed involves some Nurgle, but only so that Slaanesh can turn the place into a huge playground for himself.

I think there should also be some weakly, insecure but faithful conductor involved. In the end the PCs should get tricked by the governor into thinking he might be corrupted, rather than them. The conductor would not know better and would leave his fate in the hands of the PCs; thus emotional and moral choice; kill him to be sure? kill him because tricked? leave him in good faith? Let him decide on his own? (would involve suicide, a good guy, willing to take the bullet preventively,) Leaving him alive could lead to him returning at a later point, maybe as a bad guy.

The nurgle worshippers are just some ragtag bunch of cultists who work the water supply to the soon-to-be-hives and spread the plague in that way. The PCs should be able to uncover and neutralize them early or in mid-campaign. They should at first attempt to misguide the PCs into thinking the plague is of natural origin, that the pipes are ancient and the filtration system is pre-heresy even, nothing to see here, no sir. Finding some good old-fashioned cave of worship, complete with decaying bloated corpses, maybe even in the middle of an unused water purifier (oh the irony)
As a sidenote, rusty pipework is grimdark. One can work with that.

BTW, has a great article on how to GM Hark Deresy, without going into 40k lore, focusing on general grimdarkness. Go read it.

During the battle, the mid-boss, the Nurgle daemonhost (if there is such a thing in the book, I don’t have it handy) should spout angry nonsense about the fools fighting the lesser evil and whatnot, finally giving some real clue wiht his dying breath.Signs should now point to the governor, although without any proof.

I’m thinking tha openly confronting him would be retarded of the OCs, since he would mislead them (conductor) or be insulted, screwing up whatever they could’ve had planned for the future on this planet, or, worst case, get them all killed.
Indirectly, talking with conveyor belt people (who well-possible have set up tents inside the needless manufacture halls) or looking into the fleshgrafting habit of the governor without his knowledge should lead to a cosmetics studio/gallery of human parts. The simple kink of the governor, having which somehow seems even justified by his position, should turn into full-blown madness and heresy once the spare parts start screaming, and the PCs find out that the governor isn’t just interested in shallow, bodily, beauty.
Insert “beauty is only skin deep” joke here.

Something tells me that the mechanicus should get involved in the final showdown, taking the governors opulent palace in a terrible firestorm. (Now I’ll have to go and read the 40k IG codex.)

Umm, the moral of this story is, GMs get plot ideas everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Read books, watch TV and movies, educate yourself, it might give you some ideas, but better yet; it will give you a better understanding of the connections and relationships between things. With that, life can give you MUCH better inspiration, than anything that has already gone through the creative processor of someone.

Gosh. It’s 7am, I better go collapse on something soft


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