Prequel; horrible things and map-making players

Yesterday I played DnD with FattyDM again. It turned out surprisingly OK, despite my high expectations for this one.

It was so good, in fact, it made me mobilize some part of my memory that kept the second-last session under quarantine, so I decided to post about that too, and somehow that turned into a second, (first, if you will,) post.

To give some background data, the second-to-last game, we killed some run-of-the-mill weeaboo boss at the end of his run-of-the-mill dungeon full of run-of-the-mill MMORPG boxes, all got some class-related  weapon that the BBEG happened to have on himself, we horribly mutilated the boss’ body, took two of his teeth in an attempt to get a party schtick going, and went back to town, as always, all hurting bad, except the rogue.

Back in town, healed up, we were to attempt to identify the weapons ourselves, but naturally had noone capable of identifying shit in the party. The DM insisted. The cleric rolled an awkward 5d20 for the items, and after each roll we got an awkward IC description that boiled down to “we have noone capable of identifying shit in the party”, but you know, FattyDM insisted. After we finished, we went to some NPC who was to identify the stuff for us, so we paid him 25G, so the GM can roll for him. What the fuck. (Naturally he failed most of the rolls, so after collective groaning and some selfless, awkward, IC from the progamer, the GM “showed some kindness and benevolent mercy” and just gave us the fucking stats.)

At this point the GM started another one of his ill-fated attempts at roleplay, this time with the Rogue. I really just failed to give a shit, so I went on to discuss our next “assignment” with the Progamer. Turns out, we were to infiltrate some local cathedral that is suspected of having fallen to heresy, find some proof and get out. (The proof was a scroll that positively screamed “I AM A QUEST ITEM” by the way.) I commended the GM on an acceptable Dark Heresy/Shadowrun session idea, (he denied the subtle allegations of un-originality, of course,) so me and the Cleric went on to plan the infiltration. We had no map of the cathedral though, something I always thought essential for a proper run, so me and the cleric went on to design it ourselves.

The cleric rationalized it by him belonging to the relevant religion, and his church using a “standardized template” for all it’s buildings of worship. (If it wasn’t clear by now, I really have taken a liking to 40k.) We cobbled together a really nice, working cathedral in a matter of minutes, complete with working paper-based industry, dormitories, library, cellar/catacombs bell towers and main hall. Shit was so cash. It is my firm opinion that this was the best map yet made in the course of this campaign.

By now, the social thing with the rogue was mercifully over and the GM was ready to give us a disapproving smirk; “Haha, silly players, how could you have fun without the GM, you must’ve played the game wrong while I was not paying attention.” No further comment.

We showed him the map though, and he said he would go with it. Thus began an attempt to better up the mood with some hilarity, so I switched to IC and gave a office-meeting-style presentation on the plan of entry. The thought of an Ork holding a pointing stick (as opposed to a “pointy stick”) proved as hilarious as I imagined, and we essentially agreed on where the “heretical scroll” was probably to be found (one of two important rooms on the first floor or in the catacombs) and we defined entry/exit points (main entrance, warehouse entrance, back entrance, towers if we could fly.)

This is where we left off.


~ by fatrpgdongs on 05/12/2009.

2 Responses to “Prequel; horrible things and map-making players”

  1. So is it better in your opinion to be in a crappy game rather than no game at all?

    • In the beginning I felt so, but I don’t anymore.

      I still go to the games now because of something else; hardening. I always GMed for my old group, so I felt like I was lacking some fundamental skills, skill you acquire as a player. Apart from that, anecdotes about terrible GMing. FattyDM is a gold mine for those. They makes nerdy audiences cringe and laugh hysterically.

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